Pravasi Rojkar App Download For New Job 2021

Pravasi Rojkar App Download For New Job 2021

Pravasi Rojkar App Download For New Job 2021

Download Expatriate Rosker App – Sonu Suite has introduced a new Expatriate Rosker processor that allows workers to find work for themselves. New migrant employment or to provide employment for migrant workers Immigrant The placement processor can now be downloaded.

Today we will give you how to register for the Expatriate Rosker App and download the website link.

Pravasi Rojkar App Download For New Job 2021-Expatriate Rojgar App Details

The name of the application Expatriate Roger App
Initiated by Sonu Sood (Bollywood actor)
Release date 23/07/2021
You Android
Price Free to download
Official link

This initiative will help immigrants to easily get more jobs in their home state. Many large companies have partnered with Sonu Suite, and new job applications can now be submitted online.

Check out how to apply for a new job on the Expatriate Rojgar Job Application Portal.

Pravasi Rojkar App Download For New Job 2021-Apply for an online job in the Expatriate Rojgar app

How to apply for a job abroad?

  1. Open Expatriate Roger App Realism

    First open Sonu Sood Ji’s new expatriate employment website. For this you need to go to There you will find an online immigration employment website where the facility to apply for a new job has been created.

    Pravasi Rojkar App Download For New Job 2021

  2. Click Start here Button

    After the Expatriate Rosker lands on the processor, you will see a button that says Start Here. Click that button. After this you will get the page to apply online job application. Pravasi Rojkar App Download For New Job 2021

  3. Create candidate profile

    On the next page is a form for immigration employment registration i.e. registration. That form has the option of candidate login and new registration. Fill out that form. Pravasi Rojkar App Download For New Job 2021

  4. Enter the mobile number and click Next

    After that you have to enter your mobile number. After entering the mobile number, your expatriate employment application will start online. Work for you

    Pravasi Rojkar App Download For New Job 2021

  5. Fill out the Expatriate Rojkar Registration Form

    After this you will get a new registration form. In it you need to create your name, address, mobile number, email and new password. After this your registration will be done for the expatriate employment job.

    Pravasi Rojkar App Download For New Job 2021

  6. Enter the OTP and click Next

    An OTP will be sent to your mobile after completing the form. Enter that code on the form and verify your mobile number. Your new Expatriate Rosker App account will be created. Once the candidate has registered, you can apply for the new job.

    Pravasi Rojkar App Download For New Job 2021

  7. Select the job from the job list

    After logging in you will get the job list. Click on the View Details page for the job you want to apply for. On the next page you will find employment information. Expatriate Rojkar Registration Step 7

  8. Click Apply for Expatriate Rojgar Job Application

    Once you get the job you want, you can apply for it. Click the Apply Now button and apply for a job in the Expatriate Rojgar app. According to the register of expatriate Rojkar8

Click here to apply –


Download Expatriate Roger Processor for Android

To download the Expatriate Rojgar mobile app, you need to go to the official Expatriate App website or Play Store. For that, we provide you with the new download link Sonu Sood Expatriate Rojkar App. Note that the new Android processor has not been announced yet. Go to the official website and apply using the method mentioned above.

How To Download Expatriate Rojkar Mobile Processor?

  • Go to the Play Store
  • Search the Expatriate Rojgar app
  • Click the Install button
  • Give permission as asked
  • Download the app

If not available, go to and apply online using the job application form.

Uses of Expatriate Rojgar App

What are the benefits of downloading the Expatriate Roger Processor?

  • This will help immigrants get employment
  • This will reduce unemployment in India
  • This app will help you to find the disabled Skill related jobs.
  • The Expatriate Roger Processor is free to download
  • This application will help poor people to feed their families to the curfew.

Expatriate Rojgar App Download Link

Sonu Suite announced on Twitter that the new expatriate Rojkar processor is set to launch soon. Sonu Suite’s official tweet has not yet provided any download link but the app can be downloaded on the Play Store.

To check the download link of Pravasi Rojkar Processor, visit Sonu Sooth’s official Twitter handle –

Expatriate Rojgar Contact No.

How can I contact the expatriate Rojkar?


The toll free contact number of the expatriate Rojgar processor is 1800 121 664422. You can also contact them directly via their Twitter handle.

Contact details of expatriate Rojkar

Expatriate Rojgar App Frequently Asked Questions

Who introduced the expatriate Rojkar processor?

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood started the expatriate Rojkar site.

How to apply for a job as an expatriate Rojkar?

To apply, register on the Expatriate Rojgar Portal. Then apply for a job using your job account and mobile number.

Do I need a resume to apply for an expatriate Rojgar job?

No, but a resume can help you get a job faster.


Which companies offer jobs in Expatriate Roger?

According to The Hindu, the expatriate Rojgar site employs over 500 companies in the fields of construction, apparel, healthcare, engineering, BPOs, security, automobile, e-commerce and logistics.

Is Expatriate Rojgar Free to Use?

Yes, it’s free.

For further information,contact us



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