PRN Card Payment Fees at Print Bank


PRN Card Payment Fees, PRN Payment Details and Object at Print Bank – Axis Bank Holders of Bank Accounts or Credit Cards are looking for the subject of PRN Card Payment Fees. In various forums, people are asking what is the PRN card payment fee and why it is deducted from their account. Here, we try to find out the possible meanings of PRN fees and why they are charged.

What are the PRN fees in print bank?

At Print Bank, PRN payments are made by the branch of your Print Bank account. For example, if you have a credit card from Branch A and the deduction is made at the branch level, the fee will be reflected in your bank statement as the BRN fee. So if you see a PRN card payment, it means that the branch has exempted your credit card. These fees are the late payment or the annual fee of the card. There are various credit card fees that we ignore when registering on that card. We need to check the payment details to know which payment has been made correctly through the PRN card payment.

Print Bank Credit Card Fees
Print Bank Credit Card Fees

Print Bank Credit Card Customer Care

If you are unaware of the deduction from your account, you can contact the Print Bank Credit Card Customer Service and ask what charges have been deducted from your account. You can also confirm what the PRN card payment fee is.

Contact details of Print Bank customer care here –

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Select Print Bank Credit Card Fees

Different fees apply to print bank credit card users. We list some credit card fees here –

What is the standard join fee for a print bank selected credit card?

The standard enrollment fee for an Axis Bank selected credit card is Rs.3000. As for the burgundy credit card, there is no joining fee.

Is there a fixed annual fee?

Yes, from the 2nd year, the standard annual fee is Rs. 3000. For burgundy card, no charge.

What are the financing fees on a print bank credit card?


As of June 2021, the average financial charge is 3.40% per month (49.36% per year).

Is there any charge for changing the card?

Yes, to change the card, you have to pay a fee of Rs.100.

Are there late payment fees on print bank credit cards?

Yes, however, late payment fees vary by amount. Fees can be anywhere from Rs 0 to Rs 1200.



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