Pune covid-19 Lockdown e-Pass Application

Pune covid-19 Lockdown e-Pass Application

Pune covid-19 Lockdown e-Pass Application

Pune Police offers separate Govt-19 Ebos for locking in Pune. Residents of Pune cannot apply Maharashtra Embassy on Mhpolice Govind Pass websiteSo, the new locking pass for Pune was launched. Now, Pune citizens can apply for Pune Police e-Pass online through https://punepolice.in/.

Pune covid-19 Lockdown e-Pass Application Online – Pune Police Government

Pune Police Official Website https://punepolice.gov.in/ There is no option to apply for Ebas. This is why many citizens could not find the ePass application for the Pune lockout. For them, we provide the original official website of Pune Ebas for a locked trip.

Pune E Pass Application at punepolice.in

  • Go to the official website of Pune E Pass.
  • Go to https://punepolice.gov.in/ and open the Pune Digital Pass Registration Form.
  • Enter the reason for the trip.
  • Write down your personal details such as name and age.
  • Provide your mobile number and reference number.
  • Specify vehicle details and travel dates.
  • Select Source Location and Destination for Pune Travel Ebos.
  • Submit the ePass application form, not the registration number.

Click here to apply for Pune Lockdown e Pass.

Pune covid-19 Lockdown e-Pass Application-Pune covid-19E Eligibility Criteria

Who can apply for Govt-19E Pass in Pune?

  • Grocery items for citizens
  • Anyone who goes to the hospital
  • Other emergency
  • Government employees
  • Bank / Finance / ATM
  • Gas / LPG / Petrol pump
  • Hospital / Hospital / Pharmacy
  • Medical Equipment Suppliers
  • Telecommunications operators
  • Transportation of essential goods
  • Security services
  • Govt-19 Volunteers and Voluntary Charities

If you belong to one of the exemption types mentioned above, you can apply for Corona Locking Pass in Pune.

Documents required for Pune Lock Town Pass

The following documents are required for the Govt-19 Locking ePass application in Pune.

  • Certificate of Department or Company
  • Mobile number
  • Aadhar card
  • Vehicle documents
  • Evidence of business or agency
  • NGO Certificate if the applicant is an NGO.

Visit punepolice.in for Govt-19 Locking Pass. For more details, visit Pune Police Government.


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