Punjab Bani Bachao Baise Kamao Yojana 2021 Application

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Punjab Bani Bachao Baise Gamao Project 2021: – Due to the growing population in the country, water scarcity has started to rise. Drinking water problem is high in remote areas in many states of the country. In addition, farmers are also facing various difficulties due to water scarcity. Today, through this article, we bring you information about a new project implemented by the Government of Punjab.

The name of the project Punjab Bani Bachao Baise Gamao Project 2021 There is. Through our article today, we give you the complete process of reaping the benefits by submitting the application form under this scheme. We will also tell you the list of required documents to be submitted along with the application form. Apart from this, we will also inform you about the eligibility rules related to this project on this page.

Punjab Bani Bachao Baise Kamao Yojana 2021

Due to the ever-increasing population in the country, water scarcity has begun to rise. Even today, many families in many parts of the country do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. In addition, the lack of rain has damaged the crops of farmers. If water is not provided for irrigation, quality crops will suffer and economic losses will be incurred. Farmers often place pumps near their fields to irrigate their fields.

These electric water pumps use more electricity. Thus, farmers have to face huge economic losses. It is also sometimes seen that farmers mistakenly open water pumps. To prevent this, the Punjab government has launched a new scheme to encourage farmers to save water. The name of the project Punjab Bani Bachao Baise Gamao Project 2021 There is. Government subsidy will be provided to state farmers who save electricity to irrigate their fields.

Benefits of Pani Bachao Paise Kamao Yojana 2021

Launched by the Chief Minister of Punjab Save Water and Make Money Plan 2021 Under this the following benefits will be provided to the farmers.

  • The scheme has been launched by the state government only in Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur and Fatehgarh Sahib districts.
  • Financial assistance will be provided to farmers through the Punjab State Government’s Bani Bachao Paisa Kamao Scheme.
  • The project will be implemented by the government in 6 districts as a pilot project.
  • In addition, farmers will be encouraged to save electricity by power generation companies.
  • The government will provide incentives to farmers who use less electricity for field irrigation and other needs.
  • An incentive of ₹ 1000 has been made by the State Government.
  • If a farmer spends less than ₹ 1000 on electricity, the rest will be sent to his bank account.
  • With this, if all the state farmers save electricity, more than 80 per cent of the power sector will benefit.
  • Under the scheme, only 200 units will be benefited at the rate of 4 per unit.

Eligibility for Pani Bachao Paise Kamao Yojana

Initiated by the State Government Save Water and Make Money Plan 2021 Must apply under the following eligibility conditions.

  • The farmer applying should be from Punjab only.
  • The farmer should own agricultural land.
  • Along with the application form, the farmer should submit a copy of all the documents of his land.
  • Farmers use electricity for agriculture, irrigation and other needs.
  • The farmer must have his own bank account in which he will receive the incentive.
  • The state will provide 800 units of electricity to a farmer in a maximum of 30 days.

Documents for Pani Bachao Paise Kamao Yojana

Farmers wishing to participate now under the Punjab Government’s Bani Bachao Paisa Gama Scheme are required to submit the application form along with the following documents.

  • Farmers’ Aadhar Card
  • All land documents
  • Account Passbook
  • Basic address proof
  • Copy of e-bill
  • Electrical connection paper

Apply for Pani Bachao Paise Kamao Yojana

Initiated by the Department of Electricity Punjab Bani Bachao Paisa Gamao Project 2021 To apply, you must follow all the guidelines given below.

  1. The Government of Punjab has not launched any official website for the use of Paani Bachao Paisa Kamao Yojana.
  2. Farmers wishing to apply and register under the scheme should first go to the electricity office in their area.
  3. Upon reaching the office, the farmers should obtain the application form for the Save Water Paisa Kamao Scheme from the concerned officer.
  4. After receiving the application form, you have to fill in all the information asked in it.
  5. After reading all the information, you should now attach the above mentioned documents with the application form.

So you can easily submit your application form under Punjab Bani Bachao Paisa Gamao Yojana as per the process mentioned above. After submitting your application form, all your information and documents will be verified by the departmental authorities. If everything is correct your name will be added to the list of users. For more information and assistance regarding this project, visit your local electricity department office or official website https://pspcl.in/2019/08/pspcl-launches-second-phase-of-paani-bachao-paisa-kamao-scheme/ Please visit


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