Rajasthan Bus Inquiry and Ticket Booking 2021

Rajasthan Bus Inquiry and Ticket Booking 2021

rsrtc trial ticket booking online

RSRTC or Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation provides online bus inquiry number and ticket inquiry to customers. If you have any problems related to RSRTC, please visit the official website or contact RSRTC Customer Care Number. Online ticket booking, RSRTC bus schedule or other information related to RSRTC bus inquiries can be done through the methods mentioned below.

Please note that we recommend using the official website for any financial transaction related questions. Do not use the following information without verification. RSRTC investigation should be done only through official contacts at https://rsrtconline.rajstan.gov.in/.

Rajasthan Bus Inquiry and Ticket Booking 2021-RSRTC Bus Inquiry Online

If you are looking for RSRTC bus inquiry number, we would like to tell you that Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation has an online system for bus related inquiries. Here is the process to do it.

How to do RSRTC bus investigation?

If you want to inquire about the RSRTC bus without logging in, use the following method.

  1. Go to https://rsrtconline.rajstan.gov.in/
  2. Open the RSRTC e-ticket booking details page
  3. Search for bus services
  4. Choose from stop
  5. Choose to stop
  6. Specify the RSRTC bus travel date
  7. Select the RSRTC Depot name
  8. Choose between live service and affiliate service.
  9. Click Search
  10. Your RSRTC bus inquiry details will be provided there.
Rajasthan rsrtc bus investigation details

Rajasthan Bus Inquiry and Ticket Booking 2021-RSRTC ticket details, download and print

Besides, if you book an RSRTC ticket online, you can check the details of the RSRTC ticket and download or print the RSRTC bus ticket online. Here’s how you can do it –

  • Open https://rsrtconline.rajstan.gov.in/
  • Go to My Ticket> Print Tickets.
  • Open the ticket details page
  • Find reissue ticket form
  • Enter your RSRTC ticket number
  • Enter your mobile number used in ticket booking
  • Submit the form and download the RSRTC bus ticket online
  • To print, press Ctrl + P or click the Print button directly.
  • Your RSRTC bus ticket will be downloaded and printed.

Also check out the following information –


rsrtc.gov.in New website for ticket booking

The old rsrtc.gov.in ticket booking website is not open, so to book an RSRTC ticket online, visit the following new websites –

  • http://transport.rajstan.gov.in/rsrtc/
  • https://rsrtconline.rajstan.gov.in/

Both of these new websites are government websites for RSRTC ticket booking. You can also contact customer service for follow-up details.

RSRTC Customer Care Number and Inquiry Number

What is the RSRTC Inquiry Number?

The following inquiry number is given on the official website of RSRTC-1800-2000-103. Contact 1800-2000-103 for any problem related to RSRTC ticket inquiry.

However, before contacting, check the number on the official website. Although the source of this number is the official portal of RSRTC, we do not guarantee that the number is genuine. Visit https://rsrtconline.rajstan.gov.in/ Then look up the contact number there.

Rajasthan Bus Inquiry and Ticket Booking 2021-RSRTC Inquiry Questions

What is the official website of RSRTC?

The official website of RSRTC is https://rsrtconline.rajstan.gov.in/.


What is the toll free number of RSRTC?

Toll free RSRTC inquiry number and customer service service number 1800-2000-103. Check before use.

How to cancel RSRTC bus ticket?

Go to https://rsrtconline.rajstan.gov.in/myticket/canticket. Fill in your ticket number and mobile number. Follow the form before canceling your bus ticket.

What is the full form of RSRTC?

The full form of RSRTC is Rajasthan State Bus Road Transport Corporation.

How to check RSRTC bus schedule?


Click here View RSRTC bus timetable online.

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