Rajasthan E Salon Payment Registration 2021

Rajasthan E Salon Payment Registration 2021

E GRAS is an online portal of the Government of Rajasthan where online receipt accounting works for various revenue generating companies. On the e-Cross portal in Rajasthan, one can create a salon and pay the salon online through various payment methods. They can then print the Salon Receipt or Approval Receipt on the E Cross Rajasthan Salon Reprint page.

See detailed information about e-Cross Rajasthan online services here.

Rajasthan E Salon Payment Registration 2021-E GRAS Rajasthan Login

There are two types of login options on the e-Cross login page –

  • Registered user login
  • Guest Login

Types of users registered with E Cross Rajasthan Login –

  • Treasury login
  • Department Login
  • User login

E GRAS Rajasthan Login Process

Rajasthan E Salon Payment Registration 2021

  • Go to https://egras.raj.nic.in/ login page
  • Enter the E Gras user ID
  • Enter the password and submit
  • Log in to the Egras login portal

Rajasthan E Salon Payment Registration 2021-E GRAS Rajasthan Registration Online

To register online at E Cross Rajasthan Portal, follow these steps –

  • Go to https://egras.raj.nic.in/
  • Open the login form
  • Enter the username and check the availability
  • Enter and confirm the password
  • Enter the first and last name
  • Select the gender
  • Enter the DOB and marital status
  • Enter city, state, country and mobile number
  • Enter TIN or legal number, vehicle ID or tax ID
  • Enter security question details
  • Submit the form
  • Complete E Cross Rajasthan Online Registration

Rajasthan E Salon Payment Registration 2021

Once you log in to the E Cross home screen, you will see the following details –

  • Login information
  • Last 10 transactions
  • Create profile option

Rajasthan E Salon Payment Registration 2021-Create E GRAS Rajasthan profile

  • Go to E Gras Rajasthan website
  • Open the login form
  • Sign in on the home screen
  • Click Create Profile
  • Select the field
  • Add or remove budget as needed
  • Submit the form and create a complete profile

See the list of e-Cross history and transactions

Rajasthan E Salon Payment Registration 2021

You can also check your history with the option to view history on the E Cross home screen. The following types of transactions are available on the History page –

View and edit / update salon transactions

  • Go to E gras Rajasthan Home
  • Sign in on the home screen
  • Select – Click here to display last 10 transactions
  • Except for the transaction you want to verify, click the Display button
  • Make a change in the salon
  • Click Redo and edit the saloon
  • Submit

E GRAS Rajasthan E Salon FeeRajasthan E Salon Payment Registration 2021

To pay and create through eSalan, follow these steps –

  • Go to the E Gras home screen after logging in
  • Open the E Salon page
  • Enter location
  • Enter the office name
  • Enter PAN card details
  • Select year or period
  • Provide the purpose of the saloon
  • Enter the net amount
  • Enter the amount in words
  • Provide payment details
  • Select the payment type
  • Choose the manual or e-banking option
  • Enter the check or DT number
  • Write the name of the sender
  • Enter the address and PIN code
  • Select a profile name
  • Select the field and enter the amount
  • Enter the commission
  • Select the name of the bank
  • Enter TIN, Legal Number, Vehicle Number or TAX ID
  • Select city or city or district
  • Please enter comments if applicable
  • Submit and pay per saloon online

Rajasthan E Salon Payment Registration 2021

Other E Villages Rajasthan Salon Services

The following services are provided to people registered through the e-Cross Portal –

  • E Salon Printing
  • Checking reports
  • Budget head wise list
  • Deposit list of payers for a limited period of time with a budget option
  • Creating and printing an e-saloon with a deface stamp
  • List of total receipts by budget head
  • Number of bank wise saloons with total receipt amount
  • Manual e-salon in four sets

E Cross Rajasthan Details

Name E Cross Rajasthan
Full Form Government Receipt Accounting System, Rajasthan
Official website https://egras.raj.nic.in/
Power Department of Finance, Government of Rajasthan
Condition Active

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For more information about rajasthan E cross, visit thier official website

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