Rajasthan Free Seed Mini Kit Scheme 2021 Application

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Rajasthan Free Seed Mini Kit 2021: –In the state of Rajasthan, more than 50% of the population is dependent on agriculture. After sowing the crops in the fields, the farmers sell them in baskets and feed them to their homes. To increase the income of farmers, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan has implemented a new scheme across the state. The name of the project Rajasthan Free Seed Mini Kit Project 2021 There is.

Through this article with our own hands, we will give you the same Free Seed Mini Kit Plan 2021 Providing Detailed Information About Tomorrow In Our Own Friend, we will tell you the complete process for applying online. In addition, we will inform you of the list of required documents and the eligibility rules for the project. If you are also a farmer and a resident of Rajasthan, you too can avail this scheme.

Rajasthan Muft Beige Mini Kid Plan 2021

This was done by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan. Free Seed Mini Kit Plan 2021 This will provide the following benefits to the farmers.

  • The government will provide free seeds kits to farmers benefiting under the scheme.
  • The seed of the highest yielding crop in the area for any purpose will be given to the farmer in the area where he resides.
  • Depending on the area, the seeds in the rabi crop will be distributed at the time of rabi cultivation.
  • Similarly, Carif crop seeds will be distributed at Carip crop time.
  • During the kharif season, maize and bajra are offered to farmers.
  • This Free Seed Mini Kit Project 2021 Seeds given below will not be charged in any way
  • The National Seed Corporation will distribute 26000 quintals of certified seeds and 14000 quintals of source seeds to the State Government.
  • With the help of these knights the farmers’ fields get good yields.
  • By sending these items to Mandi, the state farmers can maintain their houses properly.
  • The government has set a target of doubling the income of farmers by 2022 through this scheme.
  • The seeds will be distributed by the government in the first week of the month.

Eligibility for Muft Beej Mini Kit Yojana 2021

You must also meet the eligibility criteria given below to receive free seeds provided by the government. This Free Seed Mini Kit Plan 2021 Before submitting the application form, please read the eligibility criteria given below.

  • The farmer applying should be from the state of Rajasthan only.
  • The farmer should own agricultural land.
  • The applicant should have applied under any scheme related to seeds initiated by the Central or State Government or should have availed the benefits.
  • Under the Free Seed Mini Kit 2021, only farmers and workers registered with the Department of Agriculture will be included.
  • It is mandatory for the farmer to keep all the documents of his land.

Documents for CM Muft Beej Mini Kit Yojana 2021

Who is the farmer Free Seed Mini Kit Plan 2021 Those who wish to submit the application form under it should also submit the documents given below.

  • Copy of Farmer’s Aadhar Card.
  • Copy of Family Ration Card.
  • Copy of total annual income certificate.
  • Caste certificate of the applicant.
  • Card for registration as a farmer or laborer.
  • All documents of cultivable land.

Apply for Rajasthan Muft Beige Mini Kid Plan 2021

If you have this too Free Seed Mini Kit Plan 2021 If you want to apply and reap the benefits under the scheme, please read all the guidelines given below carefully first.

  1. No official website has been launched to apply under this free seed mini kit scheme 2021 launched by the Chief Minister.
  2. If you too want to benefit under this scheme, you will have to wait a while now.
  3. The online registration and application process will soon be launched by the state government.
  4. As soon as the process starts, we will notify you immediately through our official website.
  5. However the application form can also be submitted in the offline process.
  6. For this you need to go to the nearest Department of Agriculture office in your area.
  7. By going there, you have to inform the concerned authority that you want to avail this free seed mini kit scheme under 2021.
  8. The officials in the office will fully assist you in the application process.

With the information above you can Free Seed Mini Kit Plan 2021 You need to know everything about it. If you want to apply for this program in the future, you should continue to visit our website. As soon as the online registration process opens, we will notify you immediately through our website. For more information and assistance regarding this project, please visit the official website of Rajasthan Department of Agriculture. https://agriculture.rajasthan.gov.in/content/agriculture/en/Agriculture-Department-dep/farmer-facilities/facilities-for-farmers/seed/seed-minikit.html Please visit


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