Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Maternity Nutrition Program 2021

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Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Maternity Nutrition Program 2021: – In Rajasthan, the Congress defeated the Bharatiya Janata Party in the last assembly elections and came to power with an overwhelming majority. Launching programs to empower women is one of the many promises made in her election manifesto. In this direction, the state government has launched a new program for abortion, sex ratio and empowerment of women. For this project Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Maternity Nutrition Program 2021 Name given.

Through our article today, we provide you with complete information about such women empowerment program. We will provide you with this article Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Maternity Nutrition Program 2021 Provide the complete process for submitting the online application form below. In addition, the General will give you a list of documents to be attached to submit the application form under this scheme, the eligibility rules and complete information about the benefits of the scheme.

Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Madridwa Potion Yojana 2021

We are all well aware that the Government of Rajasthan continues to strive to empower women. The Congress defeated the BJP in the last assembly elections and formed a government with an absolute majority. As soon as she came to power, the Congress brought to the table a number of projects such as the advancement of women, social development and economic development. Moving forward in this direction, the Government of Rajasthan has recently launched a new project. For this project Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Maternity Nutrition Program 2021 Named.

The project was initiated by Khan Chief Minister Shri Ashok Kelad. Under this, pregnant women will be given 6000 financial assistance by the state government. This amount will be paid to the women directly into their bank account in five simple installments. This amount can be used by women for the care of their baby and for their care during pregnancy. It is not uncommon for pregnant women to be unable to properly care for their baby because of poor family finances. But from this grant women can spend for their childbirth.

Benefits of Indira Gandhi Madhridva Potion Yojana 2021

Initiated by the State Government Rajasthani Indira Gandhi Maternity Nutrition Program 2021 Under this women will be given the following benefits.

  • The Government of Rajasthan will provide ₹ 6000 financial assistance to women during pregnancy.
  • Women can use this money to take care of their real baby and spend it on the project.
  • Maternity Nutrition Plan 2021 Under this, the amount received by the women will be sent directly to their bank account.
  • Once the baby is born, the woman should immediately register herself at the nearest health center.
  • The first and second installments will be given to the woman during the delivery test.
  • Similarly, the third installment will be paid by the government to the woman’s bank account during childbirth.
  • For the fourth installment, a grant of ₹ 2000 will be given to women for child care.
  • In addition, if the woman uses the family planning method in the fifth month, the next installment will be sent by the government at the same time.
  • The scheme has been implemented by the government only in Udaipur, Dungarpur, Baswar and Pratapgarh districts.
  • According to documents released by the state government, the target is to provide protection to 77000 women under the scheme.
  • During the last budget session, the state government allocated ₹ 440000000 for this project.
  • This amount will be provided to women under the Mineral Foundation Department of Mining and Geography.

Eligibility for Indira Gandhi Matridva Potion Yojana 2021

Women who want to apply and receive financial assistance under this scheme must meet the eligibility criteria given below.

  • Applicant must be a native of Rajasthan.
  • The woman and her family should be below the poverty line i.e. under BPL category.
  • The woman must have her own personal bank account which must be linked to the Aadhaar card.
  • If the woman is already involved in any maternity nutrition program, she will not be covered under this program.
  • If the family planning method is followed, the amount provided under this scheme will be paid after the birth of the girl child.

Documents for Indira Gandhi Madhridva Potion Yojana 2021

Applicants should submit all the documents mentioned below Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Maternity Nutrition Program 2021 Must be submitted with the application form.

  • Female Aadhar Card
  • Identity Card
  • Caste certificate
  • Basic address proof
  • Certificate of Income
  • Copy of BPL Ration Card
  • Bank Account Passbook
  • Birth certificate of the child

Apply online for Indira Gandhi Matridva Potion Yojana

If you too want to reap the benefits by applying, you should follow all the guidelines given below and submit your application form.

  1. To apply under this scheme, one has to first go to the nearest Anganwadi office or the nearest health center.
  2. After reaching the office, the application form should be requested from the concerned officer.
  3. After receiving the application form, all the information requested in it should be filled in correctly.
  4. After completing the complete application form, all the documents mentioned above should be attached to it.
  5. Finally, double-check your application and all documents.
  6. If all the information is correct, submit your application to the concerned authority.

According to the procedure above, you Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Maternity Nutrition Program 2021 You can submit under Credit Application Form It is recommended that all the applicants submit a receipt from the concerned authority after submitting their application form. Your application number is given on this receipt. With its help, you can monitor the status of your application in the future. For more information and assistance regarding this project, see the official website https://wcd.rajasthan.gov.in/content/dam/wcd-cms/icds/schemes/IGMPY%20Brief%20Note_Final.pdf Please visit


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