Rajasthan Kusum Yojana 2021 Registration

Rajasthan Kusum Yojana

Rajasthan Kusum Yojana 2021 | Apply Online for Kusum Yojana 2021 Rajasthan Kusum Yojana PDF Form | Rajasthan Kusum Yojana Online Registration | Rajasthan Kusum Yojana PDF Download | Rajasthan Kusum Yojana Application Form

The Government of Rajasthan has from time to time introduced new schemes to increase the income of farmers. The central government has set every target to double the income of all farmers by 2022. The Rajasthan government wants to increase the income of farmers as soon as possible. The government has introduced a new scheme in the state for this Rajasthan Kusum Yojana 2021 Opened.

We will provide you with today’s article Rajasthan Kusum Yojana 2021 Provides detailed information on the application process, required documents, eligibility criteria and features of the scheme under the list of beneficiaries. If you also want to benefit from this program, you should read our article to the last.

Rajasthan Kusum Yojana 2021

After winning the Lok Sabha elections twice in our country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji was re-elected as National President. Modi had promised in his election manifesto that the government would work to double the income of farmers by 2022. We are all well aware that the farmer of the country plays a very important role for the economic progress of our country. This is well known to the Prime Minister of the country. Prime Minister Kusum Yojana 2021 was launched to double the income of farmers.

In the same way, the Government of Rajasthan Kusum Yojana 2021 Initiated. Through this scheme, the State Government aims to provide solar powered pumps to irrigate the fields to all marginal and small farmers. The Government of Rajasthan has recently released the complete list of farmers Kusum Yojana Farmers from the state of Rajasthan who had submitted their application form below can now check their name in the list online through the list of beneficiaries.

If you have applied under Rajasthan Kosam Yojana, you can now download the list of beneficiaries 2021 through online website. If you have already submitted your registration form for this project, you can now download the list on your computer or mobile. Through this article, we will tell you in detail the complete process of downloading Rajasthan Kusum Yojana Beneficiaries List 2021 online.

Benefits of Rajasthan Kusum Yojana

Following the second victory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha elections, the central government is trying to fulfill the promises made in the election manifesto one by one. In this direction, various schemes and schemes have been launched to double the income of farmers by 2022. The project here is part of this campaign. Through this project, the Central Government will install solar powered pumps near farmers’ fields.

We are all well aware that farmers need water from time to time to increase their agricultural yields and grow quality crops. Even today the farmers of our country fall under the low and poverty line i.e. BPL category. It is also common for farmers to not be able to afford the electricity and diesel pumps that irrigate their crops.

With this in mind, the central government has started a project to set up solar-powered water pumps for farmers. The Government of Rajasthan is making progress in this direction Kusum Yojana 2021 Has been re-launched for state farmers. The list of farmers who have received solar panel subsidy to set up a solar power pump has been applied for and published online.

Grant under Rajasthan Kusum Yojana

Launched by the Government of Rajasthan under the Government Campaign PM Kusum Yojana 2021 Under this scheme, farmers have to pay only 10% of the amount to buy water pumps powered by solar panels. According to the official documents of the last budget, the Chief Minister has released a budget of Rs 1.4 lakh crore to implement the scheme across the state. According to official documents, we have so far disbursed Rs 48,000 crore to the Center for the project.

The remaining amount, i.e. Rs. 48000 crore is still with the Rajasthan state government, which will soon start distributing it to farmers. In addition, a loan of Rs. 45,000 crore has been initiated by all nationalized banks in the country for paper processing for farmers. Once this amount is fully disbursed, all farmers in the state of Rajasthan can install a solar powered pump near their fields.

List of beneficiaries of Rajasthan Kusum Yojana

Who are the farmers of Rajasthan state Kusum Yojana 2021 If you have registered yourself under this program and now wish to see your name in the list of users, follow the procedure given below.

  1. To see the list of farmers included under Kusum Yojana 2021, you must first visit the official website of Rajasthan Akshaya Vibhag. https://energy.rajasthan.gov.in/ To be continued.
  2. After reaching the site, you have to click on the option of List of registered applications for Kusum Yojana.
  3. In the next step now the names of 3 cities Jaipur Jaipur Jodhpur and Ajmer will appear on your screen.
  4. In the process above, you should proceed by selecting the name of your city.
  5. When the option is clicked, a complete list of users will be displayed on your screen.
  6. Now you can search for the name of yourself or your family members in this list.

    Rajasthan Kusum Yojana

  • According to the guidelines given, farmers in the state of Rajasthan can check their name in the list under the Bai Kusum Yojana. If a farmer has submitted an application form for the scheme and his name is not on the list of beneficiaries, the farmer can contact the officials of Con Renewable Energy Corporation Limited directly.
  • Breaking News: The list will also include the names of farmers who have already submitted their application forms under the Pradhan Mantri Kusum Yojana. For more information, please https://energy.rajasthan.gov.in/content/dam/raj/energy/rrecl/pdf/Home%20Page/progress%20report%202020_2.pdf See link.


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