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Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana 2021 (Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana 2021) Online Application -: Today we will tell you about the Palanhar project of the Government of Rajasthan. The project was launched on 8 February 2005. Initially, the Palanhar project was started for the list tribes but gradually the project has been revised and now launched for every orphaned child.

Of this project Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana 2021 It is placed for this purpose because the caregiver of the orphan is called the caregiver. Under this scheme, if the child is an orphan or widowed son or imprisoned for some reason, the guardian will be given Rs. 2,000 per month for food, life and foster care. See from the side.

What is Palanhar Yojana 2021 (in Hindi)

What is Palanhar Yojana Rajasthan 2021 = Under this program, more attention is paid to the education of orphaned children. For this, the Government of Rajasthan provides monthly allowances to the security guard. The education of orphaned children cannot be institutionalized, so to educate those children, their relatives or any child becomes the child’s caregiver.

It is compulsory to send these orphans to Anganwadi at the age of 2 and to school at the age of 6. If anyone wants to raise these children, he is Palanhara Yojana Must apply on. Praful Kumar Subba from Rajasthan is the Director of the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment.

It’s them Palanhara Yojana Adopted children studying in schools and anganwadis are required to submit a certificate. In addition, Subbisa said that a photocopy of the child’s Aadhar card must be provided. For the care of such orphaned children, the State Government will pay Rs.2,000 per month to the caretaker. Learn more about some of the interesting features in this post and get complete information about the Palanhar project.

Eligibility Criteria for Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana 2021

Eligibility Rules for Rajasthan Palanhar Project =To apply under Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana 2021, you have to meet the following eligibility criteria. These eligibility rules are issued by the state government.

  • The annual income of a family wishing to raise an orphan under the Balanhar scheme should not exceed Rs 1.2 lakh.
  • The parents will spend the money given by the government to the orphan for his education and other needs.
  • The parent will also send the child to school and anganwadi.

Admission under Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana

Amendments made by the Government of Rajasthan to the Palanhar Project = This scheme was implemented from 08.02.2005, initially for Scheduled Caste Orphans, in which the following categories were added by amendment from time to time: –

  • Orphans are also included.
  • If a parent is sentenced to death or imprisonment for any reason, his child will also be included.
  • Women who have no money and are destitute and widowed have 3 children or more.
  • This includes those whose maternal relatives have a maximum of three children.
  • Child of remarried widowed mother
  • Children of parents with AIDS
  • Child of parents with leprosy
  • Child of disabled parents
  • Child of a divorced / abandoned woman

Amount provided under Raj Palanhar Yojana 2021

Caretaker = Under the Government of Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana 2021, the parents of the beneficiaries will be entitled to the following benefits.

  • The family of the parents gets Rs.500 every month for 5 years for the upbringing of the child.
  • When the child starts going to school, he gets 1000 rupees every month.
  • In addition, baby clothes, sweaters and shoes will get 2 thousand rupees per month.

When applying for the above grant to the foster family, the department in the urban area is approved by the District Officer and the relevant development officer in the rural area.

Apply online for Palanhar Yojana 2021

Online Application for Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana = If you are also caring for an orphan, you can take advantage of this program. You need to follow the following procedure to apply online.

To apply for Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana, the documents mentioned by you are yours. Its application will be very simple if you follow our instructions carefully. If you are interested in this scheme and want to become an orphan supportist, apply only for Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana.

  1. To apply for Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana, you need to search on Google, Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana.
  2. After searching you will find Rajasthan website.
  3. If you do not receive it, we provide you with a link to this website. (Visit the website)
  4. After clicking the link, your new page will open.
  5. At the bottom of the page you will find the application form for the Palanhar Yojana written.
  6. You just have to click on it.
  7. By clicking, the form of Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana will open in front of you. (Download Form)
  8. You will need to print out this form.
  9. Look at it very carefully and fill in the information asked in the form completely.
  10. After completing all the details, attach the above mentioned documents with the application form.
  11. After completing the application form in full, you should submit all the documents to the nearest office of the concerned department.
  12. This way your online application will be completed.

Procedure for submitting Palanhar Yojana application form

Application Form / Application Form Submission Process = After completing the application form in full, all the required documents should be attached with it. Above is a list of required documents. The application form along with all the required documents can be submitted to the nearest Anganwadi Office, District Officer or Tasildar office. Upon completion of the application, the officers at the department will issue you an acknowledgment receipt. Using this approval receipt, you can verify the status of your application in the future.

Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana After completing the application process, the department will send you a message on your registered mobile. Department officials will check your application form and documents. Once all the information and documents are found correctly, the application form will be sent. Once the process is complete, bank 2000 will be sent to your bank account by the department each month.

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