RAJSSP Status Test Online – Rajasthan Social Security Pension Status Details


Rajspi Status, Check Pension Status In Rajasthan Online – The Government of Rajasthan has a social security pension portal called Rajasp. The portal has various pension plan services like application on the website, download of registration form, online verification of pension status.

RAJSSP status test

How to check pension status online on Rajssp portal?

  • Go to https://rajssp.raj.nic.in/
  • Click the Reports option
  • Click Retirement Online Status
  • Open the online pensioner application form
  • Enter the Rajssp application number
  • Enter the security code
  • Submit the form and get the pension application status online
rajssp pension status check

To check your Rajasthan pension status, go to the following link – https://rajssp.raj.nic.in/Modules/Reports/
Pensioner Online Status / frmPtensioner

Rajssp Pension Application Process

If you want to apply for pension in Rajasthan, there are various pension schemes that you can register for. On the Rajssp portal, you will get the option to apply online for pension. Here is the complete process for registration of pension in Rajasthan.

The pension is applicable through Emitra Kiosk or General SSO

  • Go to e Mitra Kiosk Center or Public SSO Service
  • Access verification authority
  • SDO or BDO approves pensions
  • The restraining order was sent to the Treasury and Sub-Treasury office
  • The pension is paid into the account
rajssp pension application

Check Rajasthan pension payment status

There are several ways to check your payment status of pension in Rajasthan. You can go to a payment office such as a bank, post office or money order branch to find out your payment status. You can also visit the local treasury customer service to check your pension payment.


Also, you can check the pension payment status on the Raj SSP portal.

Check more – BIMS login

Rajssp Pension Beneficiaries Report 2021

Here is the complete detailed report of the list of beneficiaries and pensions published on the Raj SSP portal.

District Viruthajan Pension Agel Fox Pension Vishesh Yogiyajan Pension Krishak Viruthajan Pension
Ajmer 178874 78143 21990 10530
ஆழ்வார் 263361 75088 25925 22682
Banswara 115658 38848 12834 8844
Baron 84331 22260 10590 3285
Palmer 187602 40020 15583 4389
Bharatpur 173771 45649 20415 6848
Bilwara 220087 66284 22126 18689
Bikaner 136089 33734 13545 962
Boondi 94478 28108 10808 7658
Chittorgarh 127133 54890 20230 10104
சுரு 144142 31541 14674 2792
T US So. 105842 27843 17942 13417
Dholpur 85043 26653 9786 2281
Dungarpur 101369 26979 8049 2197
Ganganagar 92673 39682 16668 2552
Hanumangarh 132709 43194 13269 4220
Jaipur 345321 129221 35558 28834
Jaisalmer 39613 8106 3179 168
Jalor 154886 39863 14546 5939
Jalwar 103306 40214 16383 17213
Junjunu 171543 55307 17447 15895
Jodhpur 220306 71467 23633 6435
Caroli 99473 25159 12606 6636
City 93368 41713 13955 5223
Nagore 284956 84365 33483 16092
Polly 195563 63873 20276 9709
Pratapkar 68293 21525 8445 4181
Rajsamand 106238 38642 12256 2766
Sawai Madhopur 75493 24376 8513 10022
Cigar 198031 62027 15100 11650
Sirohi 74125 27837 9269 1640
Tong 114611 34853 11426 7995
Udaipur 202499 66440 20300 3615

RajSSP pension complaint

If you have any problem related to your pension payment, you can submit the complaint online through Rajssp portal. How to file a pension online in Rajasthan –

  • Go to Raj SSP Portal
  • Open the Reports section
  • Click on Pension Complaint
  • Fill out the registration form
  • Submit application number
  • Enter your name
  • Select the type of complaint
  • Submit your complaint.
rajssp pension complaint

Types of Complaints on Rajssp Portal –

  • Complaint regarding pension clearance
  • Complaint regarding pension payment

You can also view your complaint status online.

Rajssp Pension Payment Registration

The Rajsb portal has a record of all the data related to the pension payment leaflet or pension payment. Rajasthan Pension Payment Registration can be viewed online at Rajsp website – rajssp.raj.nic.in To do so, use the following option –

  • Go to Rajssp.raj.nic.in homepage
  • Enter reports
  • Click on the pension payment register
  • Open the Payment Ledger page
  • Enter permission number RJ-S
  • Enter the security code
  • Submit the form and check the list of pension payments online

RajSSP Problems and Solutions

Problem 1: This page is not approved Apply for SJE Pension Registration Service

Solution: If you choose the wrong page for a pension service or SSP service you will get this error. Double-check the option you selected. There are two different options: pension registration and the pensioner’s annual verification. Choose the one you need.

Problem 2: Device capture does not work

Solution: If you get this error, it means that your RD service is not activated. Re-register the device and restart your computer.

Problem: SSO ID is inactive Please transfer pension data to another SSP ID

Solution: You will need to update your kiosk code. Go to the kiosk option and click on the migration kiosk code. Please refresh your code and restart.

Some other problems:

  • Source and account number have already been logged out
  • The place of the pensioner is not registered
  • The pensioner application is shown in incomplete records

RajSSP Other pension services

In addition to the services mentioned above you can also avail the following pension facilities at Rajssp portal or Public SSO Center-

  • Transform old age into a widow’s pension
  • Change pensioner’s name, father’s name, type, gender, age, PPL information, etc.
  • Change the type of disability of the pensioner
  • Change bank account details

Important : If you have Pamasha card, You can easily use pension services.

RajSSP Portal Details

Name RajSSP Portal
Full Form Rajasthan Social Security Pension Portal
Official website https://rajssp.raj.nic.in/
Power Department of Finance, Government of Rajasthan
Department Department of Social Justice and Empowerment



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