Ration Card Jharkhand Application Form in Hindi

Jharkhand Ration Card Application Form in Hindi

The Government of Jharkhand has developed a website at pds.jharkhand.gov.in for Jharkhand Ration Card Application Form. If you want to add your name in Jharkhand Ration Card list, today we will tell you how to add name in Ration Card in Jharkhand. Here you will be given Jharkhand Ration Card Application Form in Hindi. See the documentation below for more details on eligibility for the registration process. Cheque Expatriate Mazdoor Registration Status

We have Kaise Jodil Ration Card – Jharkhand PDS

Here is the information of Ration Card Jharkhand Application Form in Hindi –

  • First you need to go to Jharkhand PDS website.
  • There you will see the online application form in Hindi.
  • At http://pds.jharkhand.gov.in/ you will get the option of ration card holder.
  • From there you will go to the ERCMS process option.
  • Online Ration Card Application Form will be opened.
  • After this, you will fill in your information in the Jharkhand Food Application Form.
  • Upload the documents and submit the form there.

Click here for Jharkhand Ration Card Form in Hindi – https://pds.jharkhand.gov.in/secc_cardholders/ercmsProcess

Jharkhand Ration Card ERCMS Process – Services

For Jharkhand Ration Card Application Form you first need to go to ERCMS Process Portal. You can find all these facilities there. Its information in Hindi is available here –

  • Application for Change of Your Jharkhand Ration Dealer
  • Application for inclusion of new family member in Jharkhand Ration Card
  • Application for removal of family member from Jharkhand Ration Card
  • Name correction in Jharkhand ration card
  • Change the card type
  • Ration card mobile number correction or change
  • Correction or change in the bank account number of the ration card
  • Correction or change in Aadhaar or UIT

This ration card Jharkhand application form can be found in Hindi at pds.jharkhand.gov.in

Jharkhand Ration Card Application in Hindi

Jharkhand Ration Card Application Process in Hindi

To apply for a ration card in Jharkhand, see the application form given here –

  • https://pds.jharkhand.gov.in/secc_cardholders/ercmsProcess Go on
  • Select the type of your application form there.
  • Then enter your mobile number.
  • If you want to edit the ration card, enter the ration card number.
  • Submit and open the online ration card application form.
  • Click the Send Request button.
  • Go to the confirmation page and click the OK button.
  • Then download Jharkhand Ration Card Approval Rashid.
  • Print out the completed application form.
  • Your ration card application will go to the BDO officer of your constituency.
  • Attach the documents to the completed form.
  • Submit Jharkhand Ration Card Form at PSO Office.
  • After this your application process will be completed.

Your ration card will be verified after the full process. If your application is accepted, you will receive a Jharkhand Ration Card.

Download PDF Application Process – https://aahar.jharkhand.gov.in/img/ercms_user.PDF

Documents required for Jharkhand ration card application

Here is the list of documents you need to attach with Jharkhand Ration Card Application Form –

  • Jharkhand Residence Certificate
  • Retention of Rashid (for urban)
  • Voter ID card
  • E-receipt
  • Pledge to keep your mobile
  • Copy of the applicant’s bank passbook
  • Copy of Aadhar card

All these documents should be submitted along with the Aadhar card application form. After this the Jharkhand ration card application form will be completed by the government official. Cheque Janta Samwad.


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