Ration e-coupon in Delhi Janta Samvat

Step 5 - Ration.  Get ration status online at jantasamvad.org website

Recently, the Delhi government has introduced a new ration distribution system as the corona is locked. For those who cannot afford to buy rations and food for their home financially, the Arvind Kejriwal government has introduced a ration coupon or e-coupon through the Jana Samvat website. Cheque YSR Raidu Barosa Charge Level 2021.

Here are the details of the new ration e coupon or temporary ration card for non-BDS users.

What is Ration e Coupon?

The e-coupon for ration is a temporary ration card issued by the Government of Delhi. This is an online ration card which will help the citizens to get ration at the nearest Delhi BDS offices. Ration card coupon is for those who are not in Delhi ration card users list or BDS user list.

How can one get ration e coupon?

The Delhi government has launched a website for the ration card coupon facility. To create a new E coupon for rations, people need to visit https://ration.jantasamvad.org/ration/home/ Fill out the website and online application form.

Ration. Learn more about the status of rations at Jantasamvad.org.

NFSA Ration Card and Ration E Coupon One?

No, the ration card from NFSA is issued only to those who are eligible for permanent ration cards and PDS beneficiaries list. Those who are not on the list of BDS beneficiaries will get a temporary ration card coupon.

The NFSA ration card guarantees food grains to holders in Delhi every month. Ration card e coupon will provide food grain only during corona curfew.

Where can I get food grain from the fly coupon?

Food grain collection center should be provided to ration e coupon holders. Ration coupon holders will be authorized to deliver rations to the nearest distribution centers or schools.

Ration will be given to the poor and those who cannot afford food due to corona curfew. Ration e-coupon will be issued based on the applicant’s family members. During the online application for Ration e Coupon on Jantasamwad website, you have to provide the names and details of all your family members to get the corresponding food grains.

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