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Ration coupons are available in Delhi on the website of the Ration Janata Samvat organization. In addition, the Delhi government has provided facilities for applying for rations, checking status, embossing and other facilities. Here you are Ration Jantasamwad system Some questions related to this will be answered.

What is the Ration Jantasamwad system?

Ration.jantasamwad.org is the website of the Delhi Government Corona Relief. Here the Delhi government provides emergency assistance.

When was the Ration Jantasamwad system started?

Ration.Jantasamwad.org was launched in March 2020. This was done during the locking of the corona infection.

What are the services available at Ration Jantasamwad Arch?

Ration Janta Samvat solves problems related to ration, money, medicine, pension and transport. An application form has been prepared at the Janata Samvat to seek help from the Kejriwal government during the Corona period.

Can I get ration without ration card in ration jantasamwad arch?

Yes, there is a system to get ration without ration card. Jantasamvad.Org. Enter your name, number and address there. After that the Delhi government will contact you and provide the ration.

Is the ration Jantasamwad system closed?

The website of Ration Janata Samvat has been shut down due to heavy load. But other facilities of public discourse are still in operation.

When will the Ration Janata Samvad be functioning?

Facilities at Ration Jantasamwad Arch have started functioning. You can avail the facility by visiting the new website of Ration Janata Organization.

What documents will be put in the ration Jantasamwad arch?


To get ration in Ration Janata Samvat system, you will get your Aadhar card and information of your family members. If you have any other documents you can submit them. Also your mobile number is required.

Ration Can I get ration from Aadhar card in Jantamwad arch?

Yes, ration is available from Jana Samvat Arch Aadhar card. You do not need a ration card there.

What is the ration Jantasamwad Ork reference number?

Ration Janata Samvat Ration Reference Number The serial number of your application. You can check the ration status using this number.

Ration Jantamwad org ration reference number not available?

If you do not have your reference number, enter your mobile number and log in again on the Ration Jantasamwad Orkin website.

How to login to Ration Jantasamwad Ork?

To log in to the Janta Samwad website, first enter your mobile number. After that the password will come once in your number and entering it will sign in.

Ration Jantamwad org ration OTP did not come.

If you do not have public talk org otp, go directly to the corona relief page without otp and apply for ration.

Is Janta Samwad ration available for free?

Yes, the Delhi government has taken the initiative to provide free rations at Corona time. You will be given a free ration through the Corona relief application at Janta Samvat.

How Much Money Does a Construction Worker Make in a Corona?


The Delhi government provides five thousand rupees to a construction worker for corona relief. For this you have to apply on the Janta Samwad website.

Where can I get the ration e-coupon?

You will get ration e-coupon on Jana Samvat website. Ration for it. Go to Jantasamvad.org/ration and apply for Ration Coupon.

How to get ration from ration coupon?

After posting the ration e-coupon on the Jana Samvat org website, you can pick up the ration at the nearest public distribution center or government ration shop.



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