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During the last assembly elections in India, the BJP again formed its government with a majority. The government made a number of promises in its report to regulate the diet for all. To move in this direction, a new program on food security and food hygiene was recently launched by the Central Government. Reena’s name Food Security Mitra Project 2021 There is.

By what article today were we introduced to you by the Central Government? Food Security Mitra Recruitment 2021 We will tell you the complete process of applying below. Interested citizens can register themselves online and get a job as a food safety ally. This will give them a good monthly income. Through the Central Government, Jan Suraksha Mitras will be recruited under this scheme and they will be paid every month.

Katya Suraksha Mitra Bharathi 2021

Appointed by the Central Government Food Security Mitra Project 2021 Under this, a certain amount of subsidy will be given by the government every month to the beneficiaries. This amount will be the same as the salary. It can be said that this is not an entirely government job. But the employees working under this scheme will be given financial assistance every month.

Food Security Mitra Project 2021 With this, the main objective of the Central Government is to ensure that all commodities reach safely wherever food grains are distributed in the country. In addition, Food Suraksha Mitras will visit all schools and places where food is provided by the government. All food safety friends will visit and inspect the quality of food grains provided by the government at all schools or places. For this work, they will receive a fixed grant from the government.

Through this program, the federal government wants to provide products and good quality food to all citizens. This Food Security Mitra Recruitment 2021 Citizens sent through VIA should go to all schools and check the quality of food grains. If he finds any complaint in the diet, he can complain about it to the officer of the concerned department, after which the federal government will take action against him.

Food Security Mitra Recruitment Highlights 2021

Initiated by the Central Government Food Security Mitra Project 2021 The following points are included below.

  • The federal government should appoint food safety friends for the quality of food grains.
  • Food Security Mitra Recruitment Program 2021 Under this, selected citizens have to go to various places and schools to check the quality of food grains.
  • Registered Food Safety Friends should pay special attention to providing high quality food to all schools, individuals or children.
  • If there is any deficiency in the diet by the security friend, they can complain directly to the concerned officer.
  • After registering the complaint, the concerned officer will take action against him.
  • There is no government job here, but financial assistance will be given to the food safety friends assigned under it every month.
  • Through this project, the Central Government wants to ensure that their health is protected by providing good quality food to all the citizens of the country.

Types of Katya Suraksha Mitra Bharati 2021

Federal Minister of Health and Ministry of Family Welfare By Sri Harsha Vardhan ji Food Security Mitra Project 2021 Has been launched. Under this scheme, food safety friends will not be assigned under the categories. Below are the three types mentioned below.

  • Coach friend
  • Digital friend
  • Security friend

Citizens of countries that want to get a job as a food safety friend must submit their registration form online. Citizens of the country can apply for all three types of security friends mentioned above. After the approval of the application, the selected women will be recruited by the Central Government at various places.

Qualification for Katya Suraksha Mitra & Docs

If you too want to get a job as a food safety friend, you need to submit all the documents given below along with the application form and then fulfill the given eligibility conditions.

Eligibility Criteria for Digital Mitra

  • The applicant must be a resident of the State of India.
  • Beneficiaries must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree i.e. a bachelor’s or master’s degree.
  • In addition to the local language, the applicant must have knowledge of the Internet and computer.
  • Applicants between the age of 21 and up to the age of 60 are eligible to register.
  • The applicant must have passed the high school or intermediate examination under the Board of Education of any State.

Eligibility criteria for Swachhta Mitra

  • Applicant must be between 21 and 60 years of age.
  • Applicant must have completed a course in Hotel Management.
  • The applicant should be aware of all the rules and guidelines issued by the Department of Food Safety who want to become a Swachhta Mitra.

Eligibility criteria for Coach Mitra

  • Applicant must be between 21 and 60 years of age.
  • Applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Biology, Food Science, Microbiology, Food Hygiene or Home Science.
  • The applicant must have at least 20 days of training.
  • Applicants who do not have a bachelor’s degree but have 5 to 7 years of work experience in any field may apply.
  • Must have knowledge of the local language and be able to communicate.

Payment to Katya Suraksha Mitra Bharathi

Food Security Mitra Project 2021 To get the job below you have to submit the application fee at the following rate Your application form will be approved by the department only after the application fee has been deposited.

  • The registration fee is set by the department as department 100.
  • Applicants and those who wish to fill out the application will have to pay a fee of ₹ 500.
  • 15 employees who want to work as Swachhta Mitra and Training Mitra have to pay to SDO. The fee is set at 2000.
  • If the number of employees applying is more than 15, a fee of ₹ 5000 will be charged.

Apply for Katya Suraksha Mitra job online

If you have too Food Security Mitra Recruitment 2021 If you wish to participate under this, please submit your application form through the method given below.

  1. Food friend Or Food safety friend First you need to visit the official website to get the posting https://fssai.gov.in/mitra/index.jsp To go
  2. After reaching the website, you need to click on the online application option.
  3. We will open a registration form to apply for Food Safety Mitra on your screen.
  4. In this form, you will need to fill in all the required information correctly.
  5. After reading the complete application form, all the required documents should be uploaded online with me.
  6. Finally submit your registration form by pressing the Submit button and submit online.

All applicants are advised to print out the receipt after applying. This will give you the application form number. With the help of this application form, you can check your application status online in future.

If you find any error in your application form, you can contact the department officials to correct it online. For more information on this project, you should visit the official website https://fssai.gov.in/mitra/index.jsp Definitely visit data.


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