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Online RTPS Portal Bihar Caste Income Residence Certificate

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The state government of Bihar is doing all the services provided to the citizens. Citizens of the country can register online to receive any kind of service or to apply for any government scheme. The State Government has created an online official website for all government schemes where interested beneficiaries can submit online application form. In this direction, the state government has launched an online process for the use of all types of certificates through RTPS Bihar. If you are in Bihar state Caste Certificate Bihar Or Bihar Income Certificate Or Bihar Residence Certificate If you want to apply for this process, it is available on the official website of RTPS Bihar.

Today, through our own article, we will tell you about RTPS Bihar Caste, Income and Residence Certificate (RTPS Bihar Caste / Income / Residence Certificate) The complete process to apply is explained. If you live in Bihar state and need any income, caste or residency certificate to avail any government scheme, apply for any job or any other, you can visit the official website of RTPS Bihar. Submit your application online through the website. Through this article, we will tell you the method of submitting the online application form, the list of documents required to apply for the certificate, the eligibility rules prescribed by the State Government for obtaining any certificate and any issues you may face. Department Assistance Number.

Apply for RTPS Bihar Caste / Income / Residence Certificate

RTPS Bihar Caste / Income / Residence Certificate Application => If you live in Bihar and need a Certificate of Residence, Income Certificate or Caste Certificate, you can get it through online process. RTPS Bihar Official Portal (RTPS Bihar Portal) This will allow you to verify all of these certificates online, download a soft copy or print-out copy of these certificates, download a copy of your certificate online in digital form (download a digital copy of the certificate), and after applying for the certificate, you can verify your status in the application and any of your certificates You can check online.

RTPS Bihar Portal Due to this, the citizens of Bihar state have the facility to apply for certificates very easily. There are many benefits of this portal, which helps to eradicate corruption in the state and protect the citizens from intermediaries and dowry. Apart from residency certificate, caste certificate, income certificate and services of six other departments under the state government are also provided online under the RTPS portal.

Now no citizen of that state needs to go round government offices or waste his time to get certified. By launching the RTPS portal, the Bihar state government wants to provide economic and social security to its citizens. Now you do not need to have any certificate when the theft happens. State citizens, you can sit online and get your certificate directly and apply from home without wasting your time.

Services under RTPS Portal Bihar

You can apply for any state government service through RTPS Bihar Portal => With Caste Residence and Income Certificate, one can apply online under RTPS Portal for services of 6 different departments under Bihar State Government. The following is a list of all these fields:

  1. All services under the Department of Planning and Development
  2. All services under the Department of Revenue and Land Reform
  3. All services under the Department of Labor Resources
  4. All services of the Department of Public Administration
  5. All services of the Department of Food Wow Consumer Protection
  6. Services under the Department of Social Welfare

Apply online for Caste / Residence / Income Certificate in RTPS Bihar

Time required: 30 min.

Process for Online Caste Residence, Residence and Income Certificate Application through RTPS Bihar Portal => If you do not yet have a caste certificate or income certificate or residency certificate, you can apply online. The procedure for applying for all these certificates is given below. Please follow the complete procedure given below and submit your application form online.

  1. To apply for certification online in Bihar, you must first go to the RTPS portal.
  2. With the help of an active internet connection on your laptop or computer You need to open the link.
  3. Clicking on the link above will open the official website page on your screen.
  4. You on this official portal “Apply Online” Click on the option given above on the left side of the website.
  5. Now on this page you should carefully read all the terms and conditions provided by RTPS Bihar “I agree” You need to click on the option.
  6. Now on the next page you will get two options where you can get your certificate after generation.
  7. The first option “Block” And another option Bihar Bhavan, 5 Kodilya Mark, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, 110021 (Bihar Bhavan 5, Katilya Mark, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, 110021) Where can I get your certificate?
  8. After this, on the next page, you have to enter your Aadhar card number and your name in Hindi and English in the space provided.
  9. Now in the next option you have to select the name of the certificate you want to apply for and then enter your 10 digit mobile number where you want to get OTP.
  10. Now you “Next” You need to click on the option to get the verification code on the mobile number you provided.
  11. On this page you will need to enter the code you received on your mobile number “Check code” Click the option.
  12. After this process the application form to apply for the certificate will open on your screen.
  13. In the application form opened on the new page, all the requested information should be filled in correctly.
  14. Now you need to upload all the required documents along with the application form like Aadhar card and your passport size photo and soft copy of Aadhar card.
  15. After uploading all the documents “Next” You have to click the custom button and the station will check the information again.
  16. After re-verifying all the information filled in the application form, you need to click the “Submit” button to submit the application online.

    Online RTPS Portal Bihar Caste Income Residence Certificate

You have seen how easy and simple it is to submit an online application form. After submitting the online application form, you need to take a print out of it and download the receipt. In this receipt, your application number will be issued by the department so that you can check the status of your application in future. The procedure to check the application status online is also given on the official website of the official RTPS department.

Download RTPS Bihar Portal Certificate Webcopy

Download a web copy of the certificate online => If you have applied for the certificate online and have not yet received the certificate in hard copy i.e. paper form, you can also download the web copy of your certificate online.

The procedure for downloading Caste Certificate or Residence Certificate or Income Certificate is given below.

  • To download the certificate in online copy you must first visit the official website of RTPS Bihar.
  • Here on the website “Certificate Web-Copy” You need to click on the option.
  • After that your “Application Identification Number” Enter it and click the View option.
  • Finally you after this whole process “Download Tamil” You need to click on the option.

This way you can download any of your certificates in soft copy on your computer or mobile.

Check the certificate application status on the RTPS portal

How to check your application status through RTPS Bihar Official Website => If you have applied for any certificate online through RTPS Bihar you can also give its status. You must have 10 your application identification number to verify the status of the application. The procedure to check online application status is given below.

  • To check the application status of Aja Pia Home Certificate, you should first visit the official website of RTPS Bihar.
  • On the official website “Application Status” You need to click on the option.
  • A new page will then open on your screen, where you will need to enter your “Application Identification Number” in the space provided.
  • After entering the above information, you “Status” You need to click the button.

After clicking on the option mentioned in the practice above, the status of the application will appear on your screen. In addition, you can check the status of your application via mobile SMS, for which you need to send a message from your mobile phone to the RTPS department. You RTPS Bihar No. 56060 But a message must be sent, after which a message will be sent through the port on your mobile. In this message, complete information about your application status will be provided.

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