Sambal Yojana Registration Status 2021

Sambal Yojana Registration Status 2021

Sambal Yojana Registration Status 2021

The registration level of a project is the registration level. Shramik Yojna Registration Status or Sambal Yojna Registration Status is the process of obtaining information about the current status of those who have registered for the Sambal Yojana or Shramik Yojana. If you have submitted the Sambal Yojana application form and want to check your registration status, today we are going to tell you how to check the Sambal Yojana status.

Sambal Yojana Registration Status 2021-Jan Kalyan Portal –

The Madhya Pradesh government has named the Sambal Yojana website Jan Kalyan Portal and Naya Savera Portal. Named, the website opens at Sambal MP Government. You will get Sambal Yojana registration status or Shramik Yojana registration status only on Jan Kalyan portal.

For information about Sambal Yojana on Jan Kalyan Portal, this option is –

  • Labor body verification
  • Application
  • Registration
  • Human resources
  • Benefit management
  • New Dawn Partner
  • Bank Account Management
  • Digital signature management
  • Electricity tariff management
  • Training Management

With these facilities you can access the Jan Kalyan portal at We will now provide you with information on labor registration status and Sambal Yojana registration status.

Sambal Yojana Registration Status 2021-Shramik Yojana and Sambal Yojana Punchiyan Stiti

See Sambal Yojana status at

For labor registration status you need to visit You can check the registration status of the Shramik Yojana on the Sambal website. However, this feature is sometimes not available on the Samakra portal.

The name of the project Madhya Pradesh Shramik Yojana, Sambal Project
Service name Shramik Yojana registration level view,
Sambal See project registration status
pov Realism
Current status Active
Labor plan registration status information

Sambal Yojana Registration Status 2021-Labor plan or support How to check the registration status of the project?

  • First go to
  • Then scroll down to the registration section.
  • You will get the identity of the applicant for the new registration with Aadhar e-KYC.
  • From there, select the option to check the status of the record.
  • On the next page you will find nine digits Joint ID Should be kept
  • You can view the registration status of your labor plan by entering the overall ID in two.

Labor card information

Video guide

Sambal Yojana Registration Status 2021-List of Sambal Yojana / Shramik Yojana districts

On the official website, you can find the labor registration status or Sambal Yojana registration status of these districts of Madhya Pradesh –

Anuppur Parwani
Alirajpur பெட்டுல்
Ashoknagar Burhanpur
Agar Malwa Balagot
Indore Bint
Ujjain Bhopal
Umaria Zonal
Harvest Monsieur
Khandwa Morena
Carcon Ratlam
Fold Rajkar
Gwalior Raison
Hoshangabad Harda
Chattarpur Reva
சிந்துவாரா Vidisha
Jabalpur Shiopur
Japua Shahdol
Thikamkar Shahjapur
Tindori Sivapuri
Dadia Satna
Tamo The sea
Devas Singarali
Kush Sewing
Narsinghpur Straight
Neem Sehore

Sambal Yojana Registration Status 2021- Registration Process

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan re-launched the Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana. In such a situation, those who have not availed the benefit of the Sambal Jan Kalyan scheme can apply again. Through the online registration process, a child born in Madhya Pradesh will be paid Rs 4,000 and later Rs 12,000.

  • The Sambal Yojana is verified by eKYC for registration.
  • From there the eligible family can be identified and the Jan Jalyan Sambal Yojana registration facility is available.
  • The applicant’s reference number or Samakra ID is used for the new registration.

Sambal Yojana registration can start only after doing eKYC.

mp Sambal Yojana 2021

Sambal Yojana Registration Status 2021-How to register for Sambal Yojana eKYC online?

  • Visit the home page of MP Sambal Yojana at
  • There, click on the link “Verify the applicant’s identity through Aadhaar e-KYC for new registration”.
  • On the next page, you will find the eKYC option to register.
  • You can do Sambal Yojana eKYC with Aadhar number or Samakra ID.
  • Place your joint ID twice in the subsection there.
  • Get applicant details from Samagra.
  • You will know your eligibility status.

Sambal Yojana Registration Status 2021-MP Sambal Plan List 2021

In May 2020, Shivraj Singh Sahan resumed projects related to the Han Ji Sambal Yojana. On this occasion several projects of the Sambal Yojana list were taken up. Its list is on the Madhya Pradesh Sambal Portal. Here is the complete information about it.

Sambal Plan List 2021

  • Funeral Assistance Program
  • Education Promotion Program
  • The best electricity bill discount plan
  • Project to provide equipment for advanced business
  • Work-based training program
  • Simple electricity bill plan
  • Free Medical Maternity Assistance Program
  • X Gracia Assistance Program

All these plans are available on the Jangalyan Sambal Portal.

Sambal Yojana Registration Status 2021-MP Sambal Yojana Application Form PDF Download

If you want to register for the new Sambal Yojana of the Government of Madhya Pradesh, you can download the registration form or registration form online. Here we provide the facility to download the Sambal Yojana PDF application form.

Download and print out the form. Then fill in your complete ID information and other details. Attach required documents. Submit the application to the office.

Click below to download the PDF application form –

Sambal Yojana Registration Status 2021-Sambal Yojana, about Madhya Pradesh

The name of the project Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana
Official website
Start date May 2021
Who started it? Shivraj Singh Chauhan (Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh)
Ministry Madhya Pradesh Unorganized Urban and Rural Labor Welfare Board
Department Informal Labor Welfare
Application Click here

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