SSPMIS Payment Level 2021

SSPMIS Payment Level 2021

SSPMIS Payment Level 2021

SSPMIS Payment Level 2021-Check SSPMIS Payment Status Online – SSPMIS is a website created for the Bihar Government Pension Scheme where you can view payment status, report, passbook and beneficiary status of various pension schemes. SSPMIS Bihar website Today we bring you information about SSPMIS payment status and official website in Hindi and English here.

Learn how the SSPMIS Bihar Pension Portal works and how beneficiaries can check their pension status. Check the status of the user here.

SSPMIS Payment Level 2021-About SSPMIS

SSPMIS stands for Social Security Pension Management Information System. In English it is called the Social Security Pension Management Information System. SSPMIS was established by the Social Welfare Department of Bihar State. To meet the requirement of SSUPSW, the Government of Bihar has created a website to check the pension status online in the name of the beneficiary. Check the SSPMIS payment status here.

The name of the project SSPMIS
Other names SSPMIS Bihar, SSPMIS Pension Portal, e Beneficiary
Founder Department of Social Welfare, Government of Bihar
Goal Providing information on pension status to the beneficiaries
Official website Click here
Toll free number 18003456262

SSPMIS Payment Level 2021-SSPMIS Pension Schemes

SSPMIS has various pension schemes of the Central Government and the Government of Bihar. They can see the status of all pension schemes, pension account passbook, SSPMIS payment status and list of pension beneficiaries in SSPMIS. Below is a list of SSPMIS pension plans.

List of SSPMIS pension plans

There are three types of pension plans on the SSPMIS list –

  • Widow’s pension or widow’s pension
  • Disability pension
  • Retirement pension, old age pension or old age pension

Of these three SSPMIS pension schemes, there are different schemes of the State Government and the Central Government. Details of these projects are given in detail.


SSPMIS Payment Level 2021 – SSPMIS Charge Level 2021

Retirement status or SSPMIS payment status can be viewed online at SSPMIS Bihar website. The SSPMIS Status Inquiry Form has been developed for this purpose, where you can view your account balance and passbook statement.

  • SSPMIS Bihar status You can see the status of Bihar government projects in SSPMIS. If your name is in Lakshmi Bai Social Security Pension, Bihar State Disability Pension or Chief Minister’s Retirement Pension Scheme, you SSPMIS Bihar Status Inquiry For this you can visit the user’s website. There you are SSPMIS status information Available
  • SSPMIS fee levelSSPMIS fee level I.e. Pension payment level Can see. For this you need to go to AddBeneStatusByAppIdPage i.e. User Payment Status page. There you are SSPMIS fee level That is, you can check the SSPMIS payment status online.
  • SSPMIS Passbook Status If you wish, you can also renew your pension account passbook i.e. SSPMIS passbook. This feature is available in the e-User’s Passport section of the e-User’s website.
  • SSPMIS pension status You can view the status of all other pension plans, i.e. SSPMIS Pension Status directly on the SPSPMIS Beneficiary status i.e. user page. This will require your user ID card, which is the user ID number.

SSPMIS Payment Level 2021-SSPMIS status updates

Currently, there are four major types of retirement plans for SSPMIS. If your pension account has any of these circumstances, you can get information about it at the SSPMIS toll free number –

SSPMIS Retirement Level List

SSPMIS status What does this mean?
SSPMIS Status: Pending
Processed by DEO
This means that your SSPMIS level is in the first stage. Your pension application has been accepted and submitted by the Data Entry Operator. Now, your pension status will be renewed as soon as your application goes through the Panchayat office.
SSPMIS Status: Pending
Processed by Panchayat
This means that your SSPMIS level is secondary. Your Bihar pension application has been transferred by the DEO and is at the Panchayat office. Once sent, the SSPMIS status will be converted from BDO to PDO and then the Block Development Officer will review your pension application.
SSPMIS Status: Pending
Processed by BDO
This means that your SSPMIS level is at the third level. Now, you have been sent by the Panchayat office and your pension account is being reviewed at the PDO office or block office. From there, your SSPMIS status will be updated as soon as the block development officer sends it to the sub-divisional officer.
SSPMIS Status: Pending
Processed by SDO
It measures whether your SSPMIS level is fourth and final. Here, the application will be verified by the Sub-Divisional Officer and then your pension account will be updated on the SSPMIS website. After that, your name will be added to the list of SSPMIS users.
SSPMIS status list


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