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Has prepared a pension scheme to help senior citizens of the state of Uttar Pradesh. SSPY UP Retirement Pension Plan 2021 / SSPY UP Retirement Pension Plan 2021 Under the scheme, a fixed amount is allocated monthly to poor and deserving citizens. UP Retirement Pension Scheme / UP Retirement Pension Scheme For complete information, read the complete information below.

List of SSPY UP Pension Plans 2021

SSPY UP Pension Plan List 2021 -: The UP government offers various pension schemes to groups that are weakening in the state’s economy. Currently, the state government has come up with three types of pension schemes covering senior citizens, widows and the physically challenged. These projects are as follows:

  • Widow Pension Scheme
  • Retirement Pension Scheme
  • Diwang / Disability Pension Scheme

All these schemes are implemented and regulated by the Social Welfare Department of the Government of Uttar Pradesh. An online to perform related functions Integrated Pension Portal (IPP) Also developed. Through the portal, the retiree can check the latest user list online.

Eligible citizens can easily apply for the respective pension scheme digitally. Read the article to the end and get the pension benefits. SSPY UP Retirement Pension Scheme / SSPY UP Retirement Pension Scheme Every effort has been made to provide all the important details through this article.

Benefits & Objectives of Retirement Pension Scheme 2021

Benefits and Objectives of the Retirement Pension Scheme 2021 -: The main purpose of the old age pension scheme is to reduce the dependency of the elderly and provide them with financial assistance. The State Government will distribute the respective pensions to the eligible pensioners every month. It will serve as a steady source of income for the destitute elderly across the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Under the SSPY UP old age pension scheme, the pensioner is paid Rs.500 per month through PFMS. To see the list of pensioners, registered pensioners can visit the dedicated online UP integrated pension portal or visit the relevant PDO / STM.

Eligibility Criteria for Retirement Retirement Plan 2021

Eligibility Criteria for Retirement Pension Scheme 2021 -: Government of Uttar Pradesh UP Virtha Pension Scheme / UP Virdha Pension Yojana Rs. Some eligibility rules have been set to offer benefits. Any citizen who fulfills these eligibility rules will be given the benefit of a monthly pension. The eligibility rules of the UPA Old Age Pension Scheme are as follows:

  • Applicants 60 years of age and older are eligible for the program.
  • The applicant should belong to the economically backward and backward section of the society.
  • The name of the applicant should be registered in the BPL list.
  • To avail this scheme, the applicant must be a resident of Uttar Pradesh.

Citizens who meet the above eligibility criteria SSPY UP Retirement Pension Plan 2021 / SSPY UP Retirement Pension Plan 2021 Can be received every month under the pension.

Apply online for SSPY UP Retirement Pension Plan 2021

Apply Online for Uttar Pradesh Retirement Pension Scheme -: All eligible senior citizens can register themselves online for this program Uttar Pradesh Award Pension Scheme / UP Award Pension Scheme Can be used. A dedicated online portal has been set up to make the application process of the project easier and simpler. Now, all interested candidates can easily apply from their homes to the old age pension scheme in the state of Uttar Pradesh. To check the detailed process, follow the steps given below.

  1. Initially, all interested citizens will be given access to the Uttar Pradesh Integrated Pension Portal. You should visit the official website of the homepage that appears on your screen.
  2. In the top menu given on the home page, select the option “Retirement Retirement / Retirement Retirement”.
  3. After this a new page will open on your screen where you have to select the “Apply Online / Apply Online” option.
  4. An application form will be opened for this. Fill in all the details in the respective fields with the correct details.
  5. After that, upload the scanned copies of the required documents in the recommended format and tap the “Submit” button.

Once the application form is submitted, the concerned authority (PDO or SDM) will examine your application and verify all the documents. If the information you provide is correct, the pension amount will also be paid into the applicant’s account through the DBT, the public financial management system.

List of documents for SSPY UP old age pension scheme

List of documents required for SSPY UP old age pension scheme -: You will need to submit some documents (proof) when applying online for Uttar Pradesh Virtual Pension Scheme. Applicants must upload photocopies of the documents listed below to receive the benefit of the pension online. Your application may be canceled if any of the documents listed below are short.

  • Home certificate of the applicant.
  • Applicant’s birth certificate, school dropout certificate, housing contract or other related document.
  • Caste Certificate issued by Authorized Authority / SDM / DM.
  • Applicant’s driving license (if any) issued by RTO / ARTO.
  • Certificate of income (mandatory) to show the annual income of the applicant.
  • Bank Passbook details of the applicant for receiving pension money.

If you have any of these documents, you can Authorized authority Affidavit issued

UP Retirement Pension Beneficiaries List / Level 2021

UP Retirement Pension Beneficiaries List / Level 2021 -: If you have applied for the old age pension scheme and completed the verification, you SSPY UP Retirement Pension Beneficiary List 2021 / SSPY UP Retirement Pension Beneficiary List 2021 I can check my name and online Uttar Pradesh Award Pension Scheme Application Status can get. The integrated portal allows the user to monitor the status of the application by following the instructions outlined here. For this you need to follow the steps below.

  • Applicant should revisit the official website of SSPY Uttar Pradesh.
  • Click the “Retirement Retirement” option on the homepage here.
  • A new page will now appear on your screen where you need to select the “Applicant Login” option.
  • Now select your pension type and enter the registered ID number and registered mobile number.
  • After that, the portal will send an OTP to your mobile number, which you will need to enter in the space provided.
  • You are now within your retirement profile.
  • Select “Check Application Status Online” which appears on the homepage here.
  • On this page you can check the status of your application.

If your application is canceled by the department for any reason, you will receive details about it in the profile. You can edit that information or document and reapply.


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