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The federal government has twice issued curfews to prevent the spread of the corona virus in the country. Due to the lockdown in the country, the spread of the corona virus has decreased, but with it came a variety of concerns. The biggest concern right now is how to buy items from the store at a safe distance. With this in mind, the Government of India Security Shop Plan 2021 Has been launched.

In today’s article, we will give you the process of finding a security store near you. With this, if you are the owner of a store, yours Security shop certification Obtaining is mandatory. We will provide you with this article Suraksha Store Certificate If you are also a store owner who provides the complete process for online registration or would like to open a store in the future, you will need to obtain this certificate.

Suraksha Store Plan 2021

Everyone knows how many jobs and businesses in our country have been damaged due to the corona virus. But now the situation in the country is returning to normal. But there is still a risk of the Govt-19 spreading. After going out, people worry that they will not carry the virus when they return home. The biggest problem with this has arisen in another thought and the problem is how to buy products from the store with the necessary social space.

Even today the citizens of our country are terrified to buy goods from the grocery store or any other store. Because this virus travels here and there with luggage. With this in mind, the federal government of the country Security Shop Plan Has been launched. Under this, the Central Government service shop owners a Suraksha Store Certificate That is, the certificate will be issued. To get this certificate, you must first register online. This certificate will only be issued to shop owners approved by the Central Government. Security shop Follow all guidelines and rules

Key points of Suraksha Store Yojana

If you already own a store or are thinking of opening a new store, you should Security shop certification Must take. The key points covered under this scheme are given below.

  • Security shop certification The applicant can register himself online and get the certificate.
  • More than 20 lakh stores in the country Security shop certification They will be converted into security shops.
  • You need to download Arokya Sethu Processor to find the Suraksha store near you.
  • With Health Setu Processor, you can get information about security stores that are not near you and old stores that are open.
  • Shops selling grocery store owners, FMCG companies or other products Security shop certification Getting will be mandatory.
  • All owners will be given full training in cleanliness and hygiene.
  • As per the guideline, the shop owners who complete the training will be certified by the Ministry of Health of the Government of India and renamed as Suraksha Store.
  • For this plan, shop owners can register themselves online by visiting the website
  • Data of all shop owners will be collected by the Ministry of Health, Government of India.

Eligibility for Suraksha Store Project & Docs

You can get this certificate if you plan to open a security shop or if you already own a grocery store. The complete procedure for this is given below.

  • The applicant must be a native citizen of India.
  • It is mandatory for the applicant to have all the documents like Aadhar Card, Identity Card, Ration Card, Residence Certificate, Caste Certificate.
  • Under this, only the shop owner can apply and get the certificate.
  • All guidelines for the Suraksha Store must be complied with.
  • The shop owner applying for the certificate should not be registered in any other employment alpha business under the Federal Government.
  • We need to be with the shop owners to get training.
  • You need to register online to become a user.

How to apply for Suraksha shop

If you are also a shop owner Security shop certification To get it you need to follow the method given below.

  1. First you need to visit the official website
  2. Once you reach the website, you need to click on the Suraksha Store Certification Application option.
  3. Now the Registration Form will open on your screen, you will need to fill in all the information.
  4. After completing all the information, a soft copy of the required documents mentioned above should be uploaded online.
  5. Before submitting, double-check all the information filled in the application form.
  6. If all the information is correct, press the Submit button and submit online and print out the receipt.

Store owners applying should keep in mind that after submitting their registration form, the receipt should be printed out. You will be given an application number on this receipt. Once your story comes under the Anil Shop Suraksha store, any citizen of the country can view it online through the Health Setu App, your shop address, name and your name. For more information Download the Suraksha Store Project PDF via the link.


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