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The Government of India has introduced the new Swamitwa Yojana for people who want to get their property card. Under the Swamitva scheme, all property owners in the country will be issued a Swamitva card or Sampati card. The Swamitva card can be used to verify that the person owns the property or property and to sell it, file an IDR, obtain a loan and make any financial or legal arrangements. Detailed information about Swamitva Card in Hindi is here.

What is an Owner Card?

Grama Panchayat Committees have been directed by the Government of India to survey the land and property and prepare a list based on its official area. A property card will be produced in the name of the property registered in this list. Proprietary plan The property card created under it is also known as the owner card or property card.

Advantages of Owner Card

Benefits of Obtaining a Title Card –

  • Get the registered information of your property
  • The exact area of ​​the land will be determined
  • With a property card you can get a loan against the property
  • Owner card can be used for property loan, home loan or loan
  • Admission is canceled Can be used instead
  • The owner can apply for the card online
  • The right card will be issued to you physically by the Grama Panchayat at your address.

How to get the right card?

If you want to get an owner card, you have to follow the rules mentioned here –

  • First your land or property is surveyed
  • After that your registration is done by the panchayat
  • Your property card details are entered based on the property details
  • Your entitlement card will be generated as soon as your name is verified

Evening Swamitwa Yojana Sampati Card

What is an Owner Card Portal?

The official website for making a franchise card is called the franchise card portal. Information about the officially owned portal can be found on e-Gram Swaraj’s website


For more details, you should visit Swamitva Project Registration Page.

How to download the right card

  • Click on the SMS of the owner plan received on mobile
  • Visit the official website to download the title card
  • Find your name in the list
  • Download your Property Card pdf
  • Click the Print button
  • Your franchise card will be downloaded

This is how you can download a franchise card online.



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