Swamitva Yojana 2021 Registration – Property Card, Apply for Property Card Online


Property Card Details of Prime Minister Swamitwa Yojana in Hindi Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched a new scheme called Swamitwa Yojana. The Prime Minister’s Swamitwa Yojana is a government scheme under which a property card or property card is issued. This card will issue a certificate of registration of the property in the form of your land, property, house etc. and your ownership will be determined by this. Here we will tell you how to use Pradhan Mantri Swamitwa Yojana. Also you will know how to see your name in the owner plan list and how to register the property card.

Prime Minister Swamitwa Yojana Registration

To register online for the PM Swamitwa scheme, you must be one of the eligible applicants. The Government of India has compiled a list of registered members. For now, more than 1 core people have registered under the scheme. Each applicant will receive a property card or champati card for their property. Learn to sign up for Prime Minister Swamitwa Yojana 2021.

How to register for Prime Minister Swamy Plan 2021?

  • Go to the official website of PM Swamitwa Yojana
  • Click the New Registration link
  • Fill in the Swamitva Yojana registration form
  • Upload the required documents
  • Submit the form and note the application reference number

Your PM Swamitwa Yojana registration will be completed.


Swamitwa Yojana Property Card 2021

What is Swamitva Yojana Property Card?

Swamitva Yojana Property Card is a document that gives you title to your land and property and verifies your ownership of the property. The land you own will be registered under your name and you will receive your certificate of title in the form of a property card or property card.

What are the benefits of Sampati Card?

You can use your card to get details about your property and also to borrow from banks and other financial institutions. You can prove ownership of your land. Also, a property card can help you easily get home loans or business loans against property.

Apply Online for Property Card 2021

If you want to apply for a new property card under the Prime Minister’s Swami Yojana, here’s how you can do it. As soon as the Prime Minister Swamitwa Yojana is launched, you will receive an SMS to your Aadhaar linked mobile number. Use the following steps to apply online for PM Swamitwa Yojana Property Card.

Follow this registration process to apply for a property card –

  • Receive SMS on your phone via PM
  • Click on the link found in the message
  • Go to the link and open a new registration page
  • Register your property card
  • Enter your Aadhaar details or other details on the property card
  • Fill out the form and verify
  • Your property card will be issued.

If you wish, you can also get an online property card made with the help of e gram swaraj.

Evening Swamitwa Yojana Sampati Card

Download Property Card 2021

How To Get A Property Card – You will get a message when Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi launches Prime Minister Swamitwa Yojana today. In that message you will get all the information related to property card registration. Create your property card using this information.

Keep in mind that you will only receive a property card for your own land and house ownership.

How to download Property Card for PM Swamitwa Yojana?

  • Open the Property Card official website link
  • Register yourself there
  • Check with Aadhaar and Mobile
  • Download your property card online.

Evening Swamitwa Property Card 2021

Click here to download Swamitva Card Online.

About the Prime Minister Swamitwa Yojana

  • PM Swamitwa Yojana is a government scheme for land ownership.
  • The Swamitva scheme will give you exactly what you need.
  • This scheme is applicable only for tangible assets verified by the Government of India.
  • Will be launched under the online registration scheme of PM Swamitwa Property Card.
  • Applicants can get a loan against their property card.
  • The Prime Minister’s Swamidwa Yojana will be launched today 11-10-2021.
  • The PM Swamitwa project will help people get their original land details by 2021.
  • The project is currently being launched in 6 states. The scheme is likely to be extended to many more states in the future.

Benefits of Prime Minister Swamitwa Yojana

  • Owners will check their land details.
  • Getting a home loan against land can be easy.
  • Digital mapping of the terrain will be done using drones
  • B property Fire property cards will be distributed by the panchayats.
  • Property cards are issued by state governments.
  • Ongoing reference stations will survey the land for the Prime Minister’s Swamitwa Yojana.

PM Swamitwa Yojana Property Card List

The following states and villages are listed under the 2021 PM Swamitwa Yojana Property Card List –

  • 346 villages of Uttar Pradesh
  • 221 villages of Haryana
  • 100 villages of Maharashtra
  • 50 villages of Uttarakhand
  • 44 villages in Madhya Pradesh

PM Swamitwa Project Questions

Can I apply for Swamitwa Yojana online?

Yes, the online application process for the Prime Minister’s Swamitwa Yojana is about to begin.

How can I verify my name on the Prime Minister’s list?


To verify your name on the PM Swamitwa list, go to the local panchayat office and get the status of your property card.

How to check property card status?

You will receive an SMS link to your property card with status inquiry details. Go to that link and check your property card details there.

How do I know if my property card has been issued or not?

This can be verified through the local Panchayat Raj office.

Who is eligible for PM Swamitwa Yojana?

According to the latest CORS survey, anyone with assets listed in government databases is eligible for the PM Swamitwa scheme.

How to access Swamitva Yojana Portal?

The Prime Minister of India has not yet launched the Swamitwa Yojana portal. However, you can visit the E Gram Swaraj Portal to avail all the Swamitva Yojana services.



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