Tamil Nadu Corona Volunteer Registration 2021

Tamil Nadu Corona Volunteer Registration 2021

Tamil Nadu Corona Volunteer Registration 2021

Stop the corona -Tamil Nadu government has launched Govt-19 health support website in the state. Stop Website Corona DN. The Stop Corona website was originally launched on the Government of Tamil Nadu website https://stopcorona.tn.gov.in/ but was later renamed as http://www.stopcoronatn.in/.

See Tamil Nadu Stop Corona DN Portal Details Here.

Tamil Nadu Corona Volunteer Registration 2021- About stopcorona.tn.gov.in

Name of service Stop Horns DN
Official Websites http://www.stopcoronatn.in/
Initiated by Department of Health and Family Welfare, Tamil Nadu
Government Government of Tamil Nadu
Services Self-report, hospital report, voluntary registration
Helpline 104
About Stop Corona

Tamil Nadu Corona Volunteer Registration 2021

Tamil Nadu Corona Volunteer Registration 2021-stopcorona.tn.gov.in – Self Report

The government has launched the Govt-19 monitoring portal, where anyone can report their health. The online registration form can be filled at https://covid.uhcitp.in/selfregister.

Requirements for termination of Corona TN registration

To register at https://covid.uhcitp.in/, the following information is required –

  • Mobile number of the applicant
  • Full name of the candidate to be registered
  • OTP received on mobile number

Click here to register online to stop Corona self-reporting.


Govt-19 Helpline Tamil Nadu-8978654678, 7865467865.

Tamil Nadu Corona Volunteer Registration 2021-Tamil Nadu Govt-19 Voluntary Registration-stopcorona tn gov in

Volunteers who want to support the state of Tamil Nadu in the fight against the Govt-19 virus can register as Corona DN volunteers. They will be recruited by the Tamil Nadu Health and Family Welfare Department and will be allowed to provide medical assistance during the lockout.

Eligibility to Stop Corona TN Voluntary Application – stopcorona tn gov in

  • Doctors can apply as a corona volunteer
  • Paramedics and health professionals.
  • The general public is interested in Govt-19 volunteering.

How to register as a volunteer on the Stop Corona DN portal?

  • Go to https://stopcorona.xenovex.com/login.
  • Click the Volunteer Registration option.
  • Choose “I am ready to support the Government of Tamil Nadu in times of crisis”.
  • Click Yes and enter your mobile number.
  • Click Create OTP.
  • Enter the received password once and fill out the Stop Corona DN Voluntary Registration Form.

Tamil Nadu Corona Volunteer Registration 2021

List the services for stopping Corona DN volunteers

Apart from the medical staff, the general public can also stop in Tamil Nadu and register as a Corona volunteer. Some services available to the general public –

  • Call center
  • Communication tracking
  • Cooking food
  • IEC development
  • Sequence management,
  • Hygiene and disinfection
  • Transportation
  • Web or application development

stopcorona.tn.gov.in – Sample Collection and Laboratory Details

Stop Corona. The Government of Tamil Nadu has started collecting samples and laboratory tests through the Tn.gov.in web portal. The Stop the Corona government on the website There is the option to collect the sample.

How to submit sample for collection through Stopcorona.tn.gov.in?

  • Go to Stopcorona.tn.gov.in
  • In the right menu, select the Sample Collection option
  • Now go to https://covid.uhcitp.in/login
  • Log in and provide your collection details
  • Submit your name and address
  • Submit other details as requested and request sample collection online

This will allow you to collect your blood sample Stop the corona Website.

Tamil Nadu Corona Volunteer Registration 2021-IEC for co-morbid patients

On the website Stop Corona DN Government has also introduced a facility called IEC for Co Morbit patients. Here are the details related to it.

Tamil Nadu Corona Volunteer Registration 2021-Stop corona TN frequently

What can physicians do as corona prevention volunteers?

Physicians can log on to stopcorona.tn.gov.in and choose the specialty of their medical field.

Can companies register on the Stop Corona portal?

Yes, the company can also register at stopcoronatn.in. When registering as volunteers, they can choose the category as companies.

Do Corona DN volunteers have access to personal protective equipment?


Yes, the Tamil Nadu government is offering new Govt-19 BPIs to volunteers.

See this – covid19.mhpolice.in status

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