Telangana NREGA Payment Verification 2021

Telangana NREGA Payment Verification 2021

Telangana NREGA Payment Verification 2021

Telangana NREGA or MGNREGA work cards are distributed to all workers under this scheme. Applicants can now view their Telangana NREGA Payment Status and Telangana MGNREGA List 2021 here. To do so, visit the official website of Telangana MGNREGA at See here for more details on Telangana MGNREGA List, Work Card Account and Payments. Check NREGA Job Card Account here.

Telangana NREGA Payment Verification 2021-Check Telangana Work Card Account Details Online

All Telangana workers can view their work card account online at To do so, they must follow the steps given below –

How to check work card details in Telangana?

  1. Go to
  2. Open the Work Card menu
  3. Click Job Card Holder Information
  4. Select the Telangana NREGA Job Card Information option
  5. Select your district in Telangana
  6. Select a region for the NREGA list
  7. Select Grama Panchayat and Village
  8. Click the GO button to check NREGA Telangana Job Card details.
Telangana NREGA Payment Verification, Work Card Account Verification, List 2021

After that, you will get the schedule form of work card holders in Telangana. Telangana NREGA Job Card Details Option – District Name, Number of Job Cards Issued, HH – SC, Number HH – ST, HH Number – BC, HH Number – OTHERS, Total Wages Male and Female, SHG Members and Disabled.

Telangana NREGA Payment Verification 2021 – Check MGNREGA Telangana Job Card Status

Here is the complete list of job card holders in Telangana, all districts. You can see Telangana NREGA List 2021 here. Click on the name of your district to know the details of NREGA Job Cardholders by Telangana District-

S No. District Name Number of work cards issued by HH
1 Adilabad 1,62,175
2 Bhadratri Kothakudam 2,10,457
3 Jactial 1,44,070
4 Jankan 1,15,525
5 Jayasankar Bhopal School 1,14,101
6 Jogulamba Katwal 1,60,871
7 Comretti 2,21,684
8 Karimnagar 1,46,163
9 கம்மம் 3,09,325
10 Kumram Beam Asifabad 1,17,246
11 Mahabubabad 2,26,609
12 Mahabubnagar 1,37,070
13 Mancherial 1,29,067
14 Medak 1,79,595
15 Matsal 19,581
16 முலுகு 83,202
17 Nagarkurnool 1,92,979
18 நல்கொண்டா 3,81,648
19 Narayanpet 1,01,707
20 Nirmal 1,67,223
21 Nizamabad 2,62,790
22 Periyapalli 1,17,415
23 Rajanna Sirasilla 96,806
24 Rangareddy 1,65,913
25 Sankaretti 2,44,137
26 சித்திப்பேட்டை 2,03,965
27 Suryapet 2,80,802
28 Vikarabad 1,87,747
29 வனபாரதி 1,43,286
30 Warangal (urban) 68,158
31 Warangal Rural 1,61,922
32 Yadatri Bhubaneswar 1,63,071

Telangana NREGA Payment Verification 2021-How to check NREGA Telangana Tariff List 2021?

To view the Telangana MGNREGA tariff list, use the following methods –

  • Go MNGREGA Telangana Home.
  • Click MIS Report desire.
  • Select R14: Direct Benefit Transfer Reports desire.
  • R14.4 Click on the payment details online by day.
  • Enter the payment list and date to check the status.
  • Your Telangana NREGA payment level will be displayed there.

Telangana NREGA Payment Verification 2021

NREGA Telangana Suspended Workers List – NREGA Telangana Rejected Payments Check 2021

To check the discarded money and suspended work cards of various workers in Telangana, you can use the following methods –

  1. Go Telangana State MGNREGA Website
  2. In MIS Report Option, select R14 Direct Benefit Transfer Statements.
  3. Go R14.13 Payee Bank Account Seeding Status.
  4. Select Disabled family details Link
  5. On the next page, details of suspended families and discarded money by district will be displayed.
  6. Click your district name to verify your rejection status.

Click here to check the rejected fee for Telangana NREGA Job Cards.

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