Temporary Ration Card Delhi 2021

Temporary Ration Card Delhi 2021

Temporary Ration Card Delhi 2021

Temporary Ration Card or Temporary Ration Card is a scheme of the Ration Janata Samvat. The Delhi government has issued a temporary ration card to residents of Delhi. Under this, those who do not have ration card at the time of corona can take ration without ration card. The temporary ration card is also known as the ration e coupon. Here today you will be given information about the temporary ration card coupon.

Temporary Ration Card Delhi 2021-What is a temporary ration card?

Temporary Ration Card is an online ration card issued by the Government of Delhi. This coupon is used to withdraw rations during corona locking. You can only apply for a temporary ration card online. For this, you have to give some documents and submit your family information on Ration Janta Samwad org website.

Temporary ration card applies

Temporary Ration Card Delhi 2021

Is there a temporary ration card similar to the NFSA ration card?

No, the Delhi government is only issuing a temporary ration card through the Janta Samwad website. This is not a food security card like a permanent ration card or NFSA ration card. The temporary ration card is not even a BPL card.

What is the difference between BPL Ration Card and Temporary Ration Card?

  • The temporary ration card cannot be used as an identity card.
  • Temporary ration card not printed. This is a coupon available online.
  • The temporary ration card is only valid in Delhi and you cannot use it in any other state.
  • The temporary ration card was launched in April and is only valid until the lock-in period.
  • You do not need to go to the office for a temporary ration card.

Temporary Ration Card Delhi 2021-What is a temporary ration card number?

When you apply on the Janta Samwad website, you will be given a serial number. This number is also called the ration coupon number or reference number. Once your application is submitted, you will receive a temporary ration card number with a message on your mobile number.

You will use this ration card number to download the ration card online. When you download a temporary ration card, take it to the nearest ration distribution center. After that you can take the ration.

Temporary Ration Card Delhi 2021-Get a temporary ration card at your mobile number

The Delhi government has arranged to get the ration card number on the mobile. If you have an Android phone, you can apply for a ration card from your mobile.


First, you need to go to the ration card website Ration Janta Samwat Ork Ration on your mobile. For this you can go to this link – ration.jantasamwad.org/ ration. If this website does not work you can move on to the new website. Link to Janta Samwad New Website – https://epass.jantasamvad.org/epass/relief/english/.

After that you will click on the ration request there. Then you will see the option of temporary ration card application.

Enter your mobile number and request OTP there. After that the ration card OTP number will come to your phone. Submit this OTP to jantasamvad.org.

After that the temporary ration card application form will appear in front of you. This way you can apply for Delhi Temporary Ration Card from mobile.

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Temporary Ration Card Online Application Form

If you want to download the ration card application form immediately, you have to complete the given application process. Application Form Temporary Ration Card Application Form is available on the website, Janta Samwat.

However the temporary ration card application form cannot be downloaded. As the application process is completely online, an offline application form is not available. If you want a temporary ration card application form, you can download the Tatkal Ration Card application form from the e-District website.


Temporary ration card application form can only be filled online. Click here for Online Temporary Ration Card – Download Temporary Ration Card Application Form.

Temporary Ration Card Delhi 2021-Download Temporary Ration Card in Delhi

After submitting the Delhi Ration Card Application Form, you can download your Provisional Ration Card if you wish. To do this, first search the Delhi Ration Janata Samwat website on Google on your mobile or laptop. After that there will be an option to download the ration card.

To download Delhi Ration Card, you need to know your Aadhaar number or Delhi Ration e Coupon number. If you do not have a ration number or have forgotten the ration number, you cannot download the ration card without the ration number.

It is important to have a ration coupon number to download the temporary ration card.

Click here to download.

Delhi Temporary Ration Card Status Inquiry

When you go to the temporary ration card download page, you will first see the option to check the status. You can see the status of the temporary ration card on the Ration Janta Samvat system status check page. Its method is given below –

  • First go to the Temporary Ration Card website.
  • There you will get the option of temporary ration card status check.
  • View the message on your mobile containing your e-ration card coupon number.
  • Take the ration card reference number from him and go to the status inquiry page.
  • Then enter your coupon number on the temporary ration card status page.
  • The status of your temporary ration card will be informed.

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