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Epfo has given PF account holders the option of early withdrawal at the time of Corona lock. Many have chosen and applied for this EPFO ​​Govt withdrawal option. But because of the time taken in, people are worried about whether their request will be accepted or not. Due to this, we will inform you today about the time for EPF Corona withdrawal. The EPF Corona will also tell you how you can see the advance payment claim status. Cheque pf Nikashi Form Online.

It took time for the EPFO ​​Govt to withdraw in advance

If you have applied in advance from the provident fund, it will take at least three days. EVFO has issued this announcement and the process of awarding the Govt claim has been started soon. Those wishing to request a corona from their employee provident fund must wait at least a week.

EPFO Corona Advance Claim Eligibility

Do you know who will receive the Corona Advance request from the Future Deposit Fund?

All employees i.e. employees who have linked their UAN number with Aadhar and their office come within the corona lock range and they will get the facility to withdraw the corona claim in advance of epfo. For this, the KYC of the employee’s account must be done.

If KYC is not done in your PF account, the KYC must be in the bank account linked to your UAN number. Note that withdrawals from PF are non-refundable in advance. You can view your EFFO claim status online.

EPFO Corona Advance Request Application Online

The online application process for obtaining PF Corona Advance is as follows –

  • Log in to the member interface of the integrated portal.
  • Click – https://unifiedportalmem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface
  • Go to the Online Services section and click on Claim (Form-31,19,10C & 10D).
  • Enter the last four digits of your bank account. Then check the account.
  • Click on the ‘Online Claim’ option for the Covid Advance Claim.
  • Select the PF Advance (Form 31) option.
  • You must specify the reason for the claim in advance.
  • Select the Infectious Disease (COVID-19) option for corona development.
  • Place the amount you want in advance from the EPFO.
  • Upload a scanned photocopy of the check.
  • You will receive OTP at the mobile number linked to the Aadhaar card.
  • Enter that OTP and submit the EPFO ​​Corona Request Form in advance.

This will allow you to withdraw money from the Corona Advance Deposit Fund.

Advance Request on EPF Covit-19 Mobile-Umang App

If you wish, you can request Corona in advance with the help of Umang Processor. Its method is given below –

  • Open the Umang app.
  • Click the EPFO ​​option.
  • Select the Employee Center Services option
  • Go to the Claims section.
  • Sign in with your UAN number and OTP.
  • Submit Covid-19 Request Form.
Umang of Epho claim status check
Umang of Epho claim status check

This way you can fill out the epfo pre-claim form from mobile.

Check EPFO ​​Govt Advance Claim status

If you want to apply and verify your PF Advance Claim status, here is the procedure –

  • https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemberPassBook/Login To go
  • Go to the login option of EPF Passbook & Claim Status.
  • Enter your global account number.
  • Enter the password for your PF account and its pre-claim status will be found.
  • Please log in and verify your request.
  • There will be an option to view the claim status.
  • Click on that option and check your PF Corona advance request status.
epfo govit advance withdrawal claim status
epfo govit advance withdrawal claim status
Do I need to provide any certification to request an Epo Corona advance?

No. You do not need to submit any certificate to get Corona Advance.

I quit my job. Can I request a corona in advance?

Yes. If you have money in your EFFO account, you can request a Govt deposit.

My PF advance request money did not come. How long will it take?

If your request is not paid, wait at least a week. You will then be notified of the request. The process for receiving the request money is fixed within three days.

Can I request a down payment of less than 75%?

If you wish, you can request an advance less than the prescribed limit. The maximum amount demanded is 75% of your PF account balance.


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