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If you live in Tamil Nadu and want to apply for a voter ID card or register in the Tamil Nadu Voter List, you can fill out the form given here. For Tamil Nadu voter ID registration, you must be a citizen of the state. You can check voter ID online or status using the EPIC website or the Election Commission website.

Monitor TN voter identification status

How to check voter ID status in Tamil Nadu?

  • Open
  • Go to Voter Services
  • Click on Search Voter List
  • Enter your name
  • Enter your age
  • Enter your parents’ name
  • Select the district and legislative constituency
  • Submit the form to verify the voter identity status in Tamil Nadu

So you can easily monitor voter identification status in Tamil Nadu. If you do not remember the details, you can search directly using the EPIC number.

TN Voter ID Search using EPIC Number

How to search voter list name using your voter ID number or EPIC number?

  • Go to the National Voter Service website
  • Go to Voter Services
  • Click the Voter List Search option
  • Click Search by EPIC Number
  • Enter your voter ID serial number
  • Check your TN voter status by submitting the form.

TN Voter ID Registration Online

How to apply for voter ID card online?

  • Go to
  • Click Apply online for new voter registration / switching from AC
  • Open Form 6
  • Select the English language
  • Select the state as Tamil Nadu
  • Select the district
  • Click As a first-time voter
  • Enter your name for the TN Voter ID Register
  • Enter the name in the regional language or Tamil language
  • Enter your last name
  • Enter the relative name of the applicant
  • Choose the relationship with the applicant
  • Enter your age
  • Select the gender
  • Enter the house number and street number
  • Enter the town village and post office
  • Then enter the code
  • Upload your photo for voter ID registration
  • Upload proof of age
  • Upload proof of address
  • Submit the notification form
  • Submit TN Voter Registration Form

You will be notified as follows – Thank you for submitting the form in NVSP. Your Form Reference ID *******.




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