tnschools gov in login and application 2021

 tnschools gov in login and application 2021

TN EMIS tnschools Government – Tamil Nadu Schools Education Management Information System offers many login options to its users. If you are a registered user of the TN EMIS Portal, you can log in as follows – EMIS Tamilnadu and TNTP Tamilnadu Teacher Site.

Full details on how to log in to the TN EMIS Portal and TNTP TNSchools website are here.

tnschools gov in login and application Login details

If you have a registered account on the Tamil Nadu Schools EMIS or TNTP website, use the following procedure to log in –

How to sign in emis tnschools gov in Website?

  • Go to
  • Go to the Education Management Information Center
  • In the login form, provide your username and password
  • Click the Sign In button
  • Log in to the Emis tnschools dashboard
Login emis tnschools gov

Click here Visit the official login page for tn emis.

Also check –

 tnschools gov in login and application Login Process

To log in to Tamil Nadu Teacher Site, use the following method –

  • Go to
  • Navigate to the top right corner
  • Provide your email address
  • Enter your TNTP password
  • Click the right arrow to sign in

Click here Visit the official tntp tnschools gov on login page.

Tamilnadu Teachers site tntp login

 tnschools gov in login and application 2021-List of TN school platforms

TN Schools or the Tamil Nadu School Department provides a separate site for officials, teachers and students. List of all tn school login sites here –

  • TN Schools Student Platform
    • Student Login
    • Text books
    • E-books
    • Questionnaires
    • Subject of study
    • Payment of fees
  • TN Schools Teacher Site
  • TN Schools Office Login

 tnschools gov in login and application 2021-DN School Online Services

What services are available on online website?

The following online services are available at –

  • Online textbooks
  • Online score verification
  • Hall Ticket Download – DEE Exam
  • Hall Ticket Download – SSLC Special Supplement
  • Hall Ticket Download – Special Support
  • Online Textbook Sales Request – Student
  • Online Textbook Sales Request – School
  • Online access to various streams in NIOS

TN EMIS application

TN EMIS App is the official application of EMIS One. The app can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. Click the link above to download the APK and install the TN EMIS app.

Find the number of TN EMIS students

How to find TN EMIS number?

If the school does not provide services on time, you can use the student’s TN EMIS number. Here’s how you can find students’ EMIS number –

  • Go to the TN EMIS login page
  • Sign in and open the All Student List
  • Above the table, select the CSV option
  • The student list will be downloaded in Excel format
  • Open MS Excel and search for your student’s name
  • Find the unique ID to find the TN EMIS number

Online Student Admission in TN EMIS

How to enroll a new student in school on the EMIS portal?

  • Go to the TN EMIS School Login page
  • Log in to the open main menu
  • Select the student
  • Click on Student Admission
  • Open the Student Registration Form
  • Enter the student name in English and Tamil
  • Enter the reference number
  • Enter gender, blood type and religion
  • Enter community and caste
  • Enter the mother tongue
  • Select the name of the disability group
  • Enter family and contact details
  • Enter the class for which admission is requested
  • Select the section
  • Select the joining date
  • Select the medium of instruction
  • Submit the form to complete the EMIS Student Registration

This process can be used for new and old student admissions on the TN EMIS portal.

Raise student demand in EMIS

You can also raise student requests through the TN EMIS website –

  • Go to the TN EMIS Dashboard
  • Click Student to go to Student Search
  • Enter the student’s reference number or unique ID
  • On the Student List page, click on the unique ID
  • Click the Request Awake button
  • A pop-up will appear asking, ‘Are you sure you want to make a request for this student?’
  • Click ‘Yes, raise request’

After submitting, a message will appear on the screen – the request has been raised.

TN School Department Contact Details

For any complaint regarding TN EMIS or TNTP login, please contact us using the following details –

Name TMT. Siki Thomas Physician
Position Commissioner of School Education
Address DPI campus
Chennai – 600 006

For any doubts feel free to contact us




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