Ubi Kisan Package Plan 2021

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After the development of technology in the 21st century, all government services in the country are done online. So, at the same time, the central and state governments of Uttar Pradesh are committed to doubling the income of farmers. Through today’s article, we have brought you information about the most effective scheme for farmers. The name of the project Ubi Kisan Package Plan 2021 Or UP Total Settlement Plan 2021 There is.

Through our today’s article, we will provide you with detailed information about this project. We will provide you with this on our page UP Total Settlement Plan 2021 Or Apply online for UP Kisan Lumpsum Plan 2021 Along with the process, the required documentation, eligibility criteria, benefits and features will provide complete information. If you too want to become a beneficiary under this program, you should read our article to the end.

Ubi Kisan Ekmushta Yojana 2021

Launched by the State Government of Uttar Pradesh UP Total Settlement Plan 2021 Or Ubi Kisan Package Plan 2021 Under this, loans of state farmers will be waived. Under this scheme, farmers who have availed loans through Co-operative Bank from 31 March 1997 to 31 March 2012 will be insured. Loans ranging from 35% to 100% of the farmers under this scheme will be waived.

It is often found that farmers need different types of resources to grow their crops and crops. Due to the high cost of these resources, farmers have to borrow from government banks. But sometimes due to natural disasters, diseases or grain-eating pests, farmers face huge losses in their crops. Due to this, the loans purchased through the cooperative banks could not be repaid. Because of this, farmers are constantly buried under debts.

With this in mind, the Uttar Pradesh government Ubi Kisan Package Plan 2021 I.e. UP Total Settlement Plan 2021 Has been launched. Through this scheme, the farmers who have availed loans from the Co-operative Bank for agriculture within the period fixed by the Government will be benefited. 35% to 100% loan or interest exemption will be given to farmers by the State Government and Co-operative Banks. According to an estimate, about 2.63 lakh farmers in the state of Uttar Pradesh will benefit from the scheme.

Types of Ubi Farmer Credit Waiver Scheme 2021

Farmers’ loans and interest should be waived Ubi Kisan Package Plan 2021 I.e. UP Total Settlement Plan 2021 Divided into three categories.

First class farmer

  • Under this, farmers who had taken loans through the Co-operative Bank before March 31, 1997 will be included but now they are unable to go to the shop.
  • The entire interest paid to such farmers on the loan amount under this scheme will be waived by the Government.

Second class farmer

  • Under the second category, farmers who have taken loans from the Co-operative Bank between April 1, 1997 and March 31, 2007 will be included.
  • If the farmer does not pay the principal amount of the loan but pays the interest amount from time to time and the interest is higher than the original amount, he no longer has to pay interest on the loan.

Third class farmer

  • The third category includes farmers who have taken loans from the State Bank between April 1, 2007 and March 31, 2012.
  • The following three types of benefits will be provided to such farmers.
    • If the farmer closes his account after taking a loan before July 31, 2018, after contracting with the bank, in this case the farmers will be given a discount of up to 50% on the interest amount.
    • Farmers who have contracted with the State Bank from August 1, 2018 to October 31, 2018 can avail the benefit of the bank’s discount of up to 40% of the farmers’ interest.

Third class farmer

  • Such farmers will be included under the closed category of the contract with the Co-operative Bank from November 1, 2019 to January 31, 2021.
  • Under this scheme, about 35% discount will be given on the loan amount of such farmers.

Eligibility and Documents for UP Ekmusht Samadhan Yojana

Uttar Pradesh Kisan Lampsam Project 2021 Or Farmers Total Settlement Plan 2021 The following is a list of conditions and documents required to apply

Eligibility limit

  • Only Uttar Pradesh farmers can participate under the scheme.
  • The farmer should own agricultural land.
  • The farmer should have taken the loan within the period fixed by the State Government.
  • You must have an account with a government bank.
  • The applicant farmer should not be a non-repayer of any bank.

Required Documents

  • Aadhar card of farmers
  • Floor paper
  • Account Door
  • Measles copy
  • All credit documents
  • Basic address proof
  • Certificate of Income
  • Caste certificate
  • Copy of ration card

Apply Online for UP Kisan Ek-Musht Yojana 2021

Ubi Kisan Package Plan 2021 Or UP Total Settlement Plan 2021 The procedure for applying below is as follows.

  1. To apply, you must first visit the official website of Co-operative Bank https://www.upsgvb.in/ To be continued.
  2. Once you reach the website, you will get the loan waiver option, which you have to click on.
  3. You will now have all the information the department asks for in the application form.
  4. After this you have to attach all the documents mentioned above with the application form.
  5. After completing the complete application form and uploading all the documents online, press the submit button and submit your application form.

Thus our farming brothers in Uttar Pradesh can apply for this scheme online. Ubi Kisan Ek Musto Project 2021 Or UP Total Settlement Plan 2021 Under this, the interest on the entire loan of the beneficiary farmer will be waived. For more information on any project, please visit the official website https://www.upsgvb.in/ Go to link.


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