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The word “exercise” is the most important aspect of life. Whether it is your own physical fitness or the fitness of your possessions. If you have a house, you need to maintain it to increase the life of the house, in simple terms, you need to keep your house properly fit.

Likewise, the vehicle is another important asset, especially in today’s era where it is essential. All rules and regulations must be followed. According to the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act, the registration of a vehicle is valid only if the vehicle has a proper fitness certificate.

Please pay attention: – In Uttar Pradesh, newly registered vehicles with a certificate are valid for a period of 2 years while private vehicles are licensed after a period of 15 years. Fitness / Vehicle Fitness Certificate is valid Should be.

Apply online for Vehicle Eligibility Certificate in UP

Apply Online For Vehicle Fitness Certificate In UP -: All commercial motor vehicles must have a valid vehicle fitness certificate along with the registration certificate. Under the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1989, the registration of a vehicle is valid only if the vehicle has a valid and effective vehicle fitness certificate. Follow the steps given below to apply for Fitness Certificate online in Uttar Pradesh.

  1. Visit the traffic or official website Click here.
  2. Enter the vehicle registration number.
  3. Click “Continue / Continue”.
  4. Click “Online Services / Online Services”.
  5. Select “Application for Fitness Certificate / Application for Fitness Certificate”.
  6. Fill in “Chase Number / Chase Number” and “Mobile Number / Mobile Number”.
  7. Click “Create OTP / Create OTP”
  8. Enter the received OTP.
  9. Click the “Show Details” button to proceed further.
  10. Fill in all required details and provide “Valid Insurance Details / Valid Insurance Details” as required. The applicant can also check the “Fee Details / Fee Details” for the particular application.
  11. Click the “Payment Button” to make the required payment.

Validity period of Uttar Pradesh Fitness Certificate

Uttar Pradesh Fitness Certificate Validity Period -: The validity of fitness certificate is different for private and commercial vehicles in Uttar Pradesh. You must pay the following:

  • For private vehicles, the fitness certificate is valid for 15 years, after which it is valid every 5 years.
  • For commercial vehicles, the new vehicle is given a fitness certificate for 2 years and then renewed for one year.

Procedure for applying for copy vehicle fitness certificate

Copy Vehicle Fitness Certificate Application Process -: Copy Exercise Certificate will be issued in case of loss, theft or breakdown / breakdown. Duplicate fitness is provided after verifying the previous fitness record. A copy of the vehicle in Uttar Pradesh requires the following documents for fitness certification.

  • Application in plain paper with COF release date / expiration (fitness certificate).
  • Tax deduction statement from the account branch.
  • Police Report (NCR)
  • Salon of the Traffic Police and the Department of Transportation
  • The fee is only Rs 120.
  • Copy of fitness certificate, if available.

Documents required for renewal of UP Fitness Certificate

Documents required for renewal of UPI Fitness Certificate -: The following documents are required to renew the fitness certificate of a vehicle in Uttar Pradesh.

  • Form 25 (Download Here)
  • Certificate of registration
  • Road tax clearance certificate
  • The fee is Rs.25.

To issue a copy and renewal fitness certificate in Uttar Pradesh, you need to go to the nearest officer and submit the application form and all the documents. You must pay the application fee along with the application form. You will need to collect the receipt after depositing the fee.


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