View Patta Chitta Online 2021

View Patta Chitta Online 2021

To view the copy of the land title, see the copy of the Patta / A-Registration Certificate – There is a digital option to check the Tamil Nadu land records. This service is called Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta Online. On the official website of Patta Chitta, you can view Patta & FMB / Cita / TSLR Extraction and A-Record. Complete land records are available on the website. Detailed information about Patta Chitta Online Service in Tamil Nadu is here.

View Patta Chitta Online 2021-How to view online

How to view Patta Chitta online at

  1. Open

    First, to view the Patta Chitta land register online, you need to look at the homepage of the website

  2. See Patta copy / A-registration extract.

    On the homepage, there are three sections. In the first section, find the option to view the Patta copy / A-registration extract.

  3. Click the View Belt & FMB / PART / TSLR Extraction option.

    Now, you will see two links in the section. To view Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta online, click on the first option – see Patta & FMP / Cita / DSLR extract.

  4. Select the district for land registration.

    On the next page, you can see the list of districts in Tamil Nadu. From the list, select the district in which you want to verify the land record.

  5. Select the area type.

    After you have selected your Patta Chitta district name, select that area. You have two options – rural and urban. Choose the one you like.

  6. Select the taluk.

    In the next step, you have to select the taluka for which the land registration or Patta Chitta has to be verified.

  7. Select city, ward and constituency.

    Then, you will see three options. For the taluka you selected above, you will see the list of city, then ward or block. Select the address according to your land registration requirements.

  8. Enter the survey number and subdivision number.

    According to the belt number, you have to provide your land survey number and sub-division number.

  9. Approve and submit the Patta Chitta form online.

    Now, you need to enter the authorization value provided there. You can post it and submit the form and see the Patta Chitta for your survey number.

See Tamil Nadu Patta Act online
View Patta Chitta Online 2021

View Patta Chitta Online 2021-Tnreginet degree paranoia

What is Tnreginet Patta Chitta?

TNreginet Patta Chitta is the land register in Tamil Nadu. Patta is a land registration document or proof of title to land in the State of Tamil Nadu. The Tnreginet Patta Chiita is an integrated complete document that contains not only the title deed but also all the details of the land – land size, surroundings or boundaries. Land owner details and date records.

The TNreginet degree will be available online at

Check more – IFHRMS login

Degree paranoia A-registration

How to check A record in Patta Chitta portal?

  • Go to Home Page.
  • In the first section, click the second link.
  • Open the Display A-Record Extraction page.
  • Select your district from the list for land registration.
  • Now select the taluk for A-registration.
  • Select the village.
  • For A-Registration, provide your survey number and subdivision number.
  • Submit the form and check your Patta Chitta online.
Land Registration-A Registration

View Patta Chitta Online 2021- Search Certificate

How to view ec online through Tnreginet website?

tn reginet view ec online
  • Go to
  • Go to electrical services.
  • Select the option to search for an insurance certificate.
  • In the first section, select EC document-wise or flat-wise.
  • Select your zone to view the environment online.
  • Select your district and deputy registrar’s office.
  • Enter your EC start date and end date.
  • Provide your land survey details.
  • Select your village to view Tnreginet ec online.
  • Enter the survey number along with the subdivision number as shown in the image below.
  • Get your environmental record screen.

View Patta Chitta Online 2021-TN Patta Chitta Application Status

How to check Patta Chitta application status?

  • Go to
  • Enter the application ID.
  • Enter the authorization value.
  • Submit the form and check your application status online.

View Patta Chitta Online 2021-List of TN E services

View copy of land title
View land title (Patta & Field / Cita / City Land Survey Record) details
View non-record details
Check the issuance of land rights online (Check the strap / A-registration extract provided by the web)
Verify Patta
View Government Poramboke Land (Verify Poramboke Land)

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