Waiting Ticket Check 2021

Waiting Ticket Check 2021

Waiting Ticket Check 2021

Today we will tell you about confirming the waiting ticket and how to check the waiting ticket. You can book an IRCTC e-ticket or a waiting ticket online. There are two ways you can use the booking counter and online ticket booking – one way is to check the waiting ticket status from the railway counter and the other way is to check the ticket online. With this, today we will tell you how to know if your waiting ticket is confirmed or not.

Waiting Ticket Check 2021 – Wait Ticket Check

You need to have some information about the railway ticket to check the waiting ticket online. The PNR number is the most important. All this information is available from this number –

Waiting ticket details

  • Waiting for the ticket number
  • Number of passengers
  • Name and gender or passengers
  • Current status of the ticket
  • Confirmation status of the waiting ticket
  • Travel details, stations, etc.
  • Date and time of trip

Apart from this you will also get other information related to travel and tickets. The ticket can be printed with the PNR number.

Waiting Ticket Check 2021

Ticket verification online

The waiting ticket verification procedure is as follows –

  1. Visit the Indian Railways Government website
  2. Open the waiting ticket verification page
  3. Open the passenger current booking status page
  4. Enter your PNR number
  5. Click the blue button
  6. Check your waiting ticket status

Waiting Ticket Check 2021

Click here to check the waiting ticket.

You can view your waiting ticket online through the above method. Along with this you can also check PNR formation and PNR status.

How to confirm a waiting ticket – How to confirm a waiting ticket?

You must use one of two methods to confirm the waiting ticket. The first time is to confirm online and the second time to confirm the waiting ticket offline.

How to confirm a ticket waiting at the counter

  • First take the ticket you are waiting for to the railway counter.
  • There you say your PNR number
  • You will then ask the ticket officer for the status of the ticket
  • He will inform you about the status of your PNR development.

Confirm the waiting ticket online

  • Visit any PNR inquiry website
  • Enter your ticket PNR number
  • Then submit the form
  • You will receive the confirmation status of the ticket you are waiting for

So in the above way you can know whether your waiting ticket is confirmed or not.

Waiting Ticket Rules 2021 – Ticket Rules 2021

The rules for waiting tickets are as follows –

  • First there is the WL waiting list, in which the ticket is on the normal waiting list.
  • This is followed by an LDWL list in which the ticket is booked in a woman’s name. The quota for women is used in this.
  • If you check the rules of the waiting list, you will be written to CKWL.
  • If you have booked multiple travelers at the same time, you will be placed on PQWL’s waiting list.

Official Website – irctc.co.in and indianrail.gov.in

Waiting Ticket Check 2021-Waiting ticket questions

When do I get the waiting ticket?

Waiting tickets are available up to four hours before train departure time.

Are online waiting tickets valid?

No, passengers with online waiting tickets are not considered valid. Such passengers are considered ticketless passengers.

How long before the train departs is the chart prepared?

The first ticket chart is issued four hours before the train departs.

How many RAC seats are guaranteed?

There are a total of 142 RAC ticket confirmations. Their number may be more or less depending on the train box.

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