WB Exit Pass for Other State Travel 2021

WB Exit Pass for Other State Travel 2021

WB Exit Pass for Other State Travel 2021

West Bengal Exit Pass | Prochesta on wb If you are stuck in Bengal and need to return to your state – Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Delhi or Jharkhand, you need to apply for West Bengal Exit Pass at http://covidwbgov.in/. AGA Bungalow (wb.gov.in) website accepts online application form for West Bengal Travel Pass and Immigrant Registration. AGE Bungalow is the official website of the wb.gov.in portal.

WB Exit Pass for Other State Travel 2021-AGA Bungalow Immigration Registration for West Bengal Exit Pass

To apply online, fill up West Bengal Exit Pass Application Form at wb.gov.in. Here is the registration process –

  • Open the AGA Bungalow official website.
  • Go to wb.gov.in and select the One Way Inter-State Exit Pass Option.
  • Click Apply Now and open the registration form.
  • To register, go to the Immigrant Registration link here – http://covidwbgov.in/exit/aspx/signupnew.aspx.
  • Enter your name and mobile number.
  • Click the GET OTP option and submit.

WB Exit Pass for Other State Travel 2021

AGA Bungalow Login – wb.gov.in West Bengal Immigration Registration Form Online

  • After registration, you will receive the AGE Bungalow registration password on the mobile number.
  • Go to the AGE Bungalow login page here – http://covidwbgov.in/exit/aspx/SignIn.aspx .
  • Use that password to log in to the Exit Pass Registration Page for States in West Bengal.

West Bengal Exit Pass Online Application Form – AGA Bangladesh (covidwbgov.in) Immigrant Registration

To register online for West Bengal Exit Pass for other state trips online at http://covidwbgov.in/ follow these steps –

  • Go to http://covidwbgov.in/ and log in to your account.
  • Then go to the Application Dashboard option.
  • Wait for the application form.
  • After the form appears, fill in the required information.
  • Enter your name, age and gender.
  • Write down your mobile number and select the source document.
  • Enter the document number and date / time of the trip.
  • Select the original address in West Bengal.
  • Select the destination address of your state.
  • Enter the vehicle registration number, type, and model.
  • Enter driving details on the registration form.
  • Enter the passenger’s name, gender, age and identity document number.
  • After that, click I Agree and submit the Exit Pass Application Form.

WB Exit Pass for Other State Travel 2021

AGA Bungalow Exit Pass / Immigrant Registration – Required Documents

State exit pass from West Bengal AGA Bungalow Portal requires the following documents –

  • Mobile number of the applicant.
  • Vehicle and registration number details.
  • ஆதார்
  • EPIC No.
  • Ban card number
  • Proof of residency address
  • Proof of living in Bengal

After uploading the above documents at http://covidwbgov.in/, your Exit Pass Registration Form will be submitted for review. If you are an immigrant, you can register as an immigrant through the AGA Bungalow Portal.

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WB Exit Pass for Other State Travel 2021-About AG Bungalow Exit Pass

Name of service West Bengal Exit Pass for Other State Immigrants
Power AGE Bungalow, wb.gov.in.
Official website http://covidwbgov.in/
Application process Realism
Registration By mobile number and OTP
Government Government of West Bengal
AGA Bungalow Immigration Registration for Exit Pass

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