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ICDS is an integrated child development service program. ICDS has its own website to manage the portal Anganwadi Related services, E. Sadhana And Potion Abhiyan. The website can be accessed at icds-wcd.nic.in. Here, we are going to tell you about ICDS WCD RRS Portal and ICDS Login Details, CAS Dashboard, MBR etc.

icds-wcd.nic.in- ICDS Details

The name of the portal ICDS WCD
Full Form Integrated Child Development Service Plan
Official website https://icds-wcd.nic.in/
Power Ministry of Women and Child Development, India
Services Supplemental nutrition
Preschool Informal Education
Nutrition and health education
Health examination and
Recommendation services

wcd icds online – icds wcd.nic.in

What is WCD in ICDS?

WCD stands for Women and Child Development. ICDS is part of the Government of India’s WCD program for the development of women and children in India. Under the WCD ICDS schemes, various benefits are provided to mothers and children with the help of Anganwadi Centers and AWMs.

Benefits of WCD ICDS

Benefits of ICDS WCD Terms of expenditure per day / Beneficiaries Revised cost terms per user per day (step by step)
Children (6 months to 72 months) Rs. 4.00 Rs. 6.00
Children with severe malnutrition (6 months – 72 months) Rs. 6.00 Rs. 9.00
Pregnant women and lactating mothers Rs. 5.00 Rs. 7.00

RRS ICDS – RRS Portal MPR / ASR Report

What is RRS in ICDS?

ICDS RRS stands for Quick Reporting System. Through the RRS portal, a new system of MPR or monthly progress reports was launched by the government. In the modified ICDS MIS portal or management information system, MPR and ASR are generated. The ICDS Portal has various advantages over the RRS Reporting System –


Advantages of WCD ICDS RRS Report

  • Online monitoring is available through the Anganwadi Monthly Progress Report.
  • Information is collected and processed in a timely manner.
  • Data update, query resolution and report creation are facilitated.
  • For data entry, a specific data entry module is created.

ICDS MPR data input using RRS

How to update MBR Data Record on ICDS RRS Portal?

  1. Go to http://icds-wcd.nic.in/icds/

    First, you need to visit the official website of the WCD ICDS Portal- icds-wcd.nic.in/icds.

  2. Sign in to ICDS as Supervisor.

    Now use your Supervisor ID to login to the ICDS WCD Portal Login Page.

  3. Select AWC

    After logging in, you need to select AWC or Anganwadi Center.

  4. Select the MPR month

    Now, select your month in which you want to generate the MPR or Monthly Progress Report.

  5. Fill out the form with all MPR data entry details

    Now, in the Data Entry Form for MPR, enter everything and click the Next button.

  6. Submit data to CDPO.

    Now, you can submit your AWC status monthly progress report to your center’s CDPO.

ICDS CAS Dashboard

For Potion Abhiyan, all Anganwadi Centers are equipped with ICDS CAS Dashboard facility. Anganwadi workers have installed CAS software on their smartphones. Using the ICDS CAS Dashboard feature, the performance of service delivery and Anganwadi staff is enhanced. Here are some of the benefits of the ICDS CAS Dashboard –

Benefits of ICDS CAS

  • It allows registration based on the name of the beneficiaries of Anganwadi services.
  • Work-related tools are now available on the phone.
  • The performance of AWWs is enhanced by the ICDS CAS dashboard system.
  • Availability of report and report is easy with the ICDS CAS Dashboard option.

ICDS CAS Facilities

  • AWWs and Lady Supervisors submit available data for monitoring.
  • Anganwadi services are evaluated to diagnose and sort out problems.
  • ICDS can monitor program activities.

Login to the ICDS-CAS Dashboard

How to sign in to ICDS CAS Dashboard?

  • Go to http://www.icds-cas.gov.in/a/icds-cas
  • Open the ICDS CAS Dashboard Login Form
  • Enter the username and password on the form
  • Click the Reports option
  • Click View All
  • Click ICDS-CAS on the dashboard to open.

One can easily log in to the ICDS CAS login portal.

Login to the ICDS CAS Dashboard
Login to the ICDS CAS Dashboard

ICDS Important Terms and Complete Forms

  • AWC – Anganwadi Center
  • AWW – Anganwadi worker
  • BHD – Help Desk Block
  • CDPO – Child Development Project Officer
  • DHD – District Assistance Center
  • DPO – District Planning Officer
  • ICDS – Integrated Child Development Services
  • ICDS-CAS-Integrated Child Development Services-Common Application Software
  • ICT – Information and Communication Technology
  • ICT-RTM-Information and Communication Technology enabled real-time monitoring
  • LS – Female Supervisor
  • MWCD – Ministry of Women and Child Development
  • PIN – Personal Identification Number
  • Poshan – The Prime Minister’s Complete Nutrition Program
  • SDA – Software Development Company
  • RTM – Real-time monitoring
  • URL – consistent resource location



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