What is Mutation of Land ? Is mutation of land necessary?

What is Mutation of Land ?

What is Mutation

The municipal body in a city keeps records of property ownership transfers to fix
property tax payment liabilities. This is true of transfer of all sorts of immovable
assets– land, flat, individual home, shop, etc. Mutation is a way to ensure that.
Mutation of property or land shows that a property has been transferred from one
person to another, and it also assists authorities in fixing taxpayers’ responsibility.
Although not a legal document, it will be crucial if you want to sell your property in
future. Mutation of property in Hindi is called DAAKHIL-KHARIJST

Which documents are necessary for the process ? then
you need to know the procedure and about the required
documents: Please note that the procedure and the
required documents vary from state to state. But across
India you have to file for mutation of property under these
three circumstances:


After buying a property Documents that you will be expected to submit for
mutation of property in this case include a copy of the sale deed, an application for mutation
of property with Rs 3 court fee stamp affixed on it, an indemnity bond on a Rs 100 stamp
paper, an affidavit on a Rs 10 stamp paper, and latest property tax clearance papers.
Mutation of property after death of owner if you are an heir:
For mutation of property in such cases, applicants have to submit a death certificate, a copy
of the will, an indemnity bond on a Rs 100 stamp paper, an affidavit on Rs 10 stamp paper
attested by a notary, and the latest property tax clearance papers.
If you have bought a property through a power of attorney: For mutation of property in such a
case, you have to submit a copy of the power of attorney papers, a copy of the will, an
indemnity bond on Rs 100 stamp paper, an affidavit on Rs 10 stamp paper, and the latest
property tax clearance papers, along with an application with Rs 3 court fee stamp affixed on


● If you have bought an immovable property like a land or an apartment, it is crucial to
follow the legal process to prevent any conflict in the future. One of the legal steps is
property mutation, which allows the change of ownership title after the sale has taken
place.Many owners are there who had bought a property ,but only had completed
their registration .They even dont know what is mutation .There property tax is still in
the name of previous owner ,there can be many legal problem arise .
● A mutation needs to be carried out in all cases of property transfers, as it entails
updating the title of the new owner with the local authorities. Following the mutation
process, the property is registered in the name of the new owner in the land revenue
department. Mutation is essential for water and electricity connection and allows the
government to charge property tax.So every property owner should aware of that
what is mutation!!! And its importance..
Mutation process
The fees or charge of mutation is different for different state .Many states like west bengal
,Bihar ,Uttar Pradesh have launched online mutation .To do mutation following steps should
be done:
The buyer is required to apply for mutation at the local civic body or revenue office.
Besides, mention the particulars of the owner, such as personal details, property
address, registration date and types of transfer (if it is a sale deed, or a gift) in the
application form.
An application fee must be paid through Demand Draft. The price may vary from one
State to aanreceipt
● Enclosing the documents :
After the payment of the fee, attach the required documents along with the application form
and demand draft. Few other documents which are necessary for carrying out the mutation
process are–
– A copy of the sale deed
– Indemnity bond and an affidavit
– Current property tax of the buyer
Once the owner submits all the required documents, the revenue inspector or
assessing officer will verify the documents. The officer may also inspect the property
and will then process the application. In most cases, a Mutation Certificate is issued
after processing the request.
# what is mutation!!
The mutation of a property is documented, representing evidence of property transfer.
As a buyer should know what is mutation , it is advised to check the mutation of the
property in question to ensure there is no fraud taking place.
If you have read all Wish you don’t have any question about what is mutation ? And how to
do it!!!

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# What is Mutation of Land
# What is Mutation of Land
# What is Mutation of Land



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