What is the approval number 2021

What is the approval number 2021

What is the approval number 2021

E Beneficiary You will need to fill out an online complaint form to resolve this issue. On that form the user will be asked for the acceptance number and the date of acceptance. Often applicants do not know what the acceptance number is. So today we give this information here.

What is the approval number 2021 of Swikriti Sangya – Elabarati?

The approval number is called the approval number in English. This means that on the day your application is accepted, you will be given a reference number. This receipt number is your approval number or acceptance number.

The beneficiary’s acceptance number is also given on the day the beneficiary’s pension is accepted. You can find this information in your acceptance order letter.

What is the approval number 2021-Use of Elabarati Swikriti Sangiya

When you fill out the e-User’s Online Complaint Form for resolving the issue, you must enter the approval number and approval date or date of your user account. Based on that the details of the user will be drawn.

To report, you must provide this information –

  • Beneficiary Name
  • Name of father / husband
  • IFSC Code
  • Bank account number
  • Acceptance number
  • Date of acceptance

After submitting all this information, you should state your problem in the next section. After that you need to upload the documents related to your problem in PDF format.

You will receive a token number or serial number after submitting the form. You will need this to verify the status of the complaint.

For e-user complaints go here- http://elabharthi.bih.nic.in/Public/PublicGrivance.aspx .

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