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For Uttar Pradesh wheat procurement registration, the farming brothers have to register with the Uttar Pradesh government’s e-procurement system. There are certain conditions and rules for registering wheat in 2020-21, which must be followed. For Uttar Pradesh Farmer Registration, go to https://eproc.up.gov.in/ and fill up the Farmers Registration Form. Given six steps to register wheat purchases online. After completing all those steps, your UP Wheat Registration will be complete.

Register DPT Agriculture with Bihar Government.

UP How is wheat registered?

The registration form has been issued by the Government for the purchase of wheat in the Uttar Pradesh Electricity Procurement System. In that form, the method of registering farmers to purchase wheat at the minimum support price is explained. The registration procedure on Eproc.up.gov.in is as follows –

According to that design, the UP wheat procurement registration system is as follows –

  • You must enter the farmer’s personal details.
  • In the wheat purchase registration form, the name of the farmer should be written as per the bank details.
  • Then enter the gender of the farmer, the name of the father or husband, the reference number and the mobile number.
  • Farmer type should be registered in SC, ST or other.
  • After this, the residence and address of the farmer for wheat registration should be written there.
  • Write the name of the farmer’s district, area, tehsil, pargana and ward or village.
  • Farmers’ bank account details are mandatory for wheat purchase registration.
  • Details of farmers’ land such as Kattauni Katta number, Kata number, hectare area, share of farmers in total area and wheat area sown by the farmer in share should be given.

The farmer has to complete and submit this information on the wheat registration form. After that the wheat registration system at eproc.up.gov.in will be further appreciated.

List of documents for registration of wheat purchase at Eproc.up.gov.in

eproc.up.gov.in With farmer registration application form, some documents are required for wheat registration. These required documents should be attached with the application form for wheat procurement registration.

List of Documents Required for Wheat Purchase Registration –

  • Farmers’ Aadhar Card
  • Mobile number of the farmer
  • Identity card with farmer’s photo
  • Passbook copy of the farmer’s bank account
  • Land details of the farmer and the wheat sown in it
  • Katha Kasra number and Katani Rashid

With all these documents, the farmer has to submit the wheat purchase registration form. Follow the process of registering online at Eproc.up.gov.in.

Wheat Purchase Registration Online 2021 – eproc.up.gov.in

To register, go to the Home Purchase section of the e-Purchase website at https://eproc.up.gov.in/ and open the New Farmers Registration Page. There you will find the registration form. Click on the link to that online farmer wheat registration form.

Enter your mobile number to start registering for wheat purchase online. Then write the marks given there and submit the form. Start your online wheat purchase registration process.

lsba – Lohia Swatch Bihar Abhiyan Check information here.

How to fill Wheat Purchase Registration Form 2021?

After entering the mobile number in the online registration form of Eproc.up.gov.in, you will receive the UP Wheat Registration Form. You must provide the following information on that registration form –

  • Personal details of farmers
  • Land details of farmers
  • Farmer’s residential address
  • Bank details of farmers

Wheat Registration Form – What are the personal details of the farmer?

Personal details of the farmer in the form –

  • Farmer Type – For wheat registration, you have to say what to register as farmer, stock crop or contract farming.
  • The name, gender, source and other information of the farmer should be filled in there.

The details of the farmer’s land should then be given in the next section.

Wheat Registration Form – How to provide details of farmers’ land?

In the form, the details of the farmer’s land should be given as follows –

  • The farmer who has to register the wheat of the land has to choose his district.
  • In the tehsil where the land is, it should be marked there.
  • Pargana and the village come in the details of the land.

In the next section, the farmer’s residence details and in the fourth section the farmer’s account details i.e. bank account number, branch, account number, ifsc number and bank verification date by pfms will be placed there.

Then submit the UP Wheat Purchase Registration Form. After submission, your wheat purchase registration will be completed at eproc.up.gov.in.

Note – pfms Verification – Verification of bank account for purchase of wheat should be done through pfms.

Click here for wheat purchase online registration PDF form.


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