Will IPL 2021 come on DP free diet?


If you have DT Free Dish, if you want to watch live IPL all the information related to it will be given here. Yes, even though it is a government channel, you cannot use DT Free Dish to watch IPL live. In fact, to watch IPL live matches, you only need to use the Hotstar app. Since the IPL is not a state competition, streaming rights can only be purchased by bidding through private channels. That’s why you can’t watch IPL on DT Free Dish.

DT Game IPL Live

Can I watch IPL matches in DT games?

  • The government has not yet made any decision to watch IPL matches live on DT Sports.
  • Under the current deal, you can only watch live IPL on Star Sports.
  • If you want to watch cricket match on DT Sports, you have to wait for some other matches.
  • Sometimes the Cricket World Cup or local cricket matches are shown on official channels.
  • The fact that the IPL is a private competition is known only in the official use of the private channel.

DT Free Dish IPL Details

IPL 2021 DT Free Dish Bar Order?

No, IPL 2021 will not be available on DT Free Dish. As Hot Star and Star Sports have the rights to stream the Indian Premier League live, they will not share this right with any free channel. As a government channel, channels like DT National, DT Sports, Doordarshan, DT News, Metro are coming on DT Free Dish. Live cricket will only be shown on these channels if they have the streaming rights for national matches or international matches or the federal government.

As the IPL is a non-profit competition in the corporate world, the chances of the IPL coming to DT Free Dish are very slim. Some people watch live cricket on processors like Top TV or GHT Sports, it is illegal, so do not do it. You IPL on Geo TV Viewing information can be found at the link provided. There you can also watch DT National. The IPL does not give there either.

DT Free Dish Channel List 2021
DT Free Dish Channel List 2021

DT Free Dish Channel List

Here is a list of free channels you can watch on DT Free Dish –

  • DD Bharathi
  • DT India
  • DT Kisan
  • DT National
  • DT News
  • DT Retro
  • DT Game
  • DD Urdu
  • DT Free Dish Home Channel
  • DT National HD
  • DD Assam
  • DT Bungalow
  • DT Santana
  • DT Girnar
  • DT Kasir
  • DT Malayalam
  • DT Odia
  • DT package
  • DD Punjabi
  • DT Sahyatri
  • DT Saptagiri
  • DT Yadavgiri
  • DT Arun Prabha
  • DT Bihar
  • DT Madhya Pradesh
  • DT Rajasthan
  • DT Uttar Pradesh
  • DD Chhattisgarh
  • DT Jharkhand
  • DD Uttarakhand
  • DT Tripura
  • Lok Sabha TV
  • Rajya Sabha TV
  • DT Goa
  • DT Haryana
  • DT Himachal Pradesh
  • DT Manipur
  • DD Meghalaya
  • DT Mizoram
  • DD Nagaland
  • ABZY Cool
  • Great magic
  • Colors Rishte
  • Dungeon TV
  • Semaru TV
  • Sony Paul
  • Star Festival
  • K
  • Zee Anmol
  • Jing
  • 9XM
  • B4U Music
  • Masks
  • MTV Beats
  • ABZY Movies
  • Cross the B4U
  • B4U Movies
  • Bflix Movies
  • Colors Cineplex Bollywood
  • திஞ்சாக்
  • திஞ்சாக் 2
  • Enter 10 Movies
  • Great movie
  • Manoranjan TV
  • Movie Plus
  • Rishte Cineplex
  • Sony wow
  • Star Festival Movies
  • Sea Anmol Cinema
  • Aaj Tak
  • Ajtak Des
  • APP News
  • India TV
  • NDTV India
  • News Nation
  • News18 India
  • Republic of India
  • TV9 Bharatwarsh
  • Zee Hindustan
  • Zee News
  • Astha
  • Shankar
  • Sadhana

The channel list given here is not exhaustive. Apart from this, free channels are also available on DT Free Dish, which you can watch on the official website. You can check live IPL scores on any of these channels.


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